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Doom Chronicles - Update and Help Wanted

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- Well, after almost two months of not touching Doom Chronicles, I have finally started work on it again. To save repeating an earlier post, I will just provide the web page that you can find it at, as all information is on there. At the moment, you can download the Work In Progress I posted almost 2 months ago (and yes I'll still accept feedback if you are inclined to do so).
- Since I don't devote my spare time 100% to Doom (blame Warhammer), the chances of the Doom Chronicles series being completed before the new Doom game hits the shelves is minimal. If you're a mapper (experienced or new), have an idea on how to script (or are a quick learner), and want to help out on a project that has been described as "an ambitious and innovative project" then please download the WIP, see if you like the direction the project is heading, and then send me an email.

Adios for now

[Update: You might want that web page. http://www.geocities.com/gooberman_and_friends/doom_chronicles]

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