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Need WADs & gfxs for web-site doom-based game

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I am currently writing a 3D game engine for websites using the shockwave plug-in. Basically you can embed the game within a web-site.
Ultimately the aim is to make it multi-player, but even as a single player game it should raise the stakes in quality of web-based games!
However, I'm currently using graphics and levels stripped from Doom itself, but obviously I can't use these to demo with or to let people see my progress (some sort of copyright thingy :).
So I'm after levels AND graphics (must have graphics!) that I can demo in my engine. Supplier will get full credit for the level and graphics.
If anyone is willing to give me permission to do this, can they let me know at:
I'm not supporting the whole doom lot, eg not all linedefs are supported (doors, lifts, lights and a few ceiling switches are in there, but not all of them - I can give a complete list of what I support if needed), and animated textures are not supported either (any liquid floor textures scroll instead of animate, and scrolling walls are in there), and ultimately I'll be putting in extras like sloping walls, uneven floor etc.
If interested, contact me above. Within the limitations of what my engine will and won't do, I'd like the most impressive level possible to show off it's power.
As a hint, if anyone fancies playing doom at 200fps, it's possible ;)

Barry Swan

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Sounds interesting. I have *some* new sprites, and many new textures. The only thing though is that they will all be in Underworld (My TC). So email me if you want to use them, but I need to use them as well.

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