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Guest cydee

getting lmps to work

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Guest cydee

so, ive downloaded all the compet-n lmps, as well as d2dq etc... they just dont work. not one of them. i've tried updating my version of doom2 with the id software patches, but none of them work... so im assuming im already using 1.9.... is there a sourceport i can use to correctly view these files? what can i do?

cheers, sdajfik

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Guest Fanatic

Oddly enough, I looked at two major demo sites, and NEITHER of them mention how to play the demos! Not even in the readme of the zip files. I don't remember how to play them since it's been so long since I looked at a demo, but try something like:

doom2 -dem demo


doom2 -play demo

(demo being the demo.lmp) That may work. Anyone else know for sure?

You may want to email Compet-N and ask that they include instructions on their site for new people, or folks like me that have simply forgotten.

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