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usually in general forum, looking for wads

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Hey. For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Elbryan42, the guy with the cool ftp (with console doom music & more!). Now that the plugging my ftp is done, down to business...

I love all console Dooms. Especially PSX Doom & Doom 64. I was wondering if anyone has any ports of console levels. I have "Redemption Denied" and "Spawning Vats" from PSX Doom so far (on the ftp), and I'm looking for more. If no-one has any levels, how about making them? Most of the map equivilents are close to the originals (but with different textures, slightly different rooms, etc) so it shouldn't be much work.

I would do it myself, but I SUCK at level editing. Don't know anything about it. The extent of my Doom contributions is the music I ripped from the console Dooms & my ftp.

Also, on the ftp are the wads from the PSX Doom CD. No one knows how to use them yet, but if you think you can figure it out...

Anyone up for the challenge? Or can anyone help find these elusive levels?

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