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ZDooM & external wads

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Is it possible to load an external wad file from ZDooM's console? I read the documentation (ZDooM.txt and commands.txt) and unfortunately, "-file" does not appear to be one of the commands that can be used. I've been using ZDLaunch, but lately it's been causing problems and occasionally causing my system to crash. I could always run ZDooM and an external wad from a DOS window, but I was wondering if I could do the same thing with less hassle via the console.

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No, you can't load a wad from the console.

IMO, the must stable way to start the game is through a batch file (you don't have to re-type parameters that way), all you have to do is change or erase the pwad's name. You can also keep batches for the different iwads or TCs (w/ the -iwad parameter, etc., so you don't have to change most things each time; doom.bat, doom2.bat, tnt.bat, aliens.bat, etc.).

In case your zdoom folder is inside other folders you can also create shortcuts to the batches and put them in the Start Up folder or Desktop (for easy access to launching zdoom). And if you like use response files (@doom, @tnt, etc.) you can make shortcuts to them and simply click those to modify the parameters. What's more, you can go to the SentTo folder and add a shortcut to your zdoom folder, and then, when you right-click on a pwad's icon you'll have the choice of sending it directly there (or maybe whatever folder you prefer to put your pwads in, like zdoom/maps).

By the way, all this applies to any port, and even the originals!

<--- That icon I use is based on one I made for my batch files.

DOOMesticate your computer!

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I just use shortcuts and then edit the command line under "properties"

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