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Guest finnw

Java coders wanted!

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Guest finnw

Hi! Anyone interested in working on a translation of Doom to
java? The basic plan is to make a version thats easer to hack/write loadable mods than existing ports. Its probably about 40% complete now (assuming the functionality will be about the same level as GLLegacy has now).

Planned features:
Definitely: Mesa3D support, javasound, esound, fully 3D
environment, Client/server, Mod framework with sandbox
(for automatic download of mods from server), loading
graphics/levels from zips/jars/directories.
Probably: Direct3D support, MD2's, sloping floors, extra light
FX, Quake-style underwater areas, extra weapons, mirrors.
Maybe: PolyObjects, scripting, included level editor.

Check out the homepage for more info:
Includes a demo applet (Java2 plugin recommended).


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