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Real Freak

Need some help...

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Does anyone know whats up with this two filesformats?

*.roo = Maps
*.bgf = Compressed Bitmaps

This files are used in a Modified Doom I Engine, where can I find a Editor for this Files?
I know that the ROO Files are edit in a modified Open Source Doom Editor!
Anyone knows more or can help me?
Its form the MMORPG Meridian59!
I didnt find the Port here in the List but i´m 99% safe thats a Doom I Engine what the Game used.

My ICQ is : 37052950

Thanks & Greetz

Real Freak - Sorry for my very bad english :)

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it was hard to find anything on .roo, however after a few pages of searching i found on google .roo as a GPS waypoint format.

bgf on the otherhand brought up about 9 billion hits. do your own searching, should be easy to find out exactly what it is.

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hmmm...since they are from a doom modified engine.

have your tried renaming the extention of roo to wad? then open it up in a doom editor?

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For the BGF Files! :

Explaining the BGF files in the M59 resource directory:

Psychochild: Actually, the BGF files are compressed bitmaps with a bit of extra information thrown in there.

The extra information basically organizes the bitmaps into different "frames". Each frame has a number of individual bitmaps for viewing the item in each direction.

So, when the monster attacks for example, we specify "play frames X through Y" on the server side. The client takes the direction the monster is facing compared to you, and cycles through the appropraite bitmaps.

I'm not sure about the exact format of the file. Just sharing what little I know about it. I think some other info is stored in there, too, but my memory fails me right now.

Anyway, that's about as much as I understand about it all. :) Thought some of you might be interested.

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