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Guest Judas

The Best?

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Guest Judas

For those who have an opinion on such matters...

which do you think is the best source port...
if this vote can be made it will help others find out which to download...

i would have needed such info before i got gllegacy
-->by far the best

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Guest Jooky

I agree.
gllegacy is perhaps the best DooM port out there, however it is not the most powerful. It makes DooM look great with all kinds o lighting effects, etc., but EDGE is much more powerful. It supports all kinds of sector over sector stuff, plus ddf and rts support taking DooM to the next level. Generally for regular useage, I'd use gllegacy, but EDGE is opening doors which are spawning some cool TCs.
However, it is difficult to judge which port is the best, since some things require certain ports, i.e. ZanZan requires ZDoom, QDOOM requires EDGE, etc.
If the TC/wad/whatever doesn't require you do use a specific port, I would suggest going with gllegacy, since it's by far the nicest looking port out there.
BTW, the legacy team is working on a master server for multiplayer which will make legacy kick even more arse!

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