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Guest Immortal

Mac Legacy

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Guest Immortal

Anyone know what the latest word on mac legacy is?



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No, I am waiting like you. MacLegacy would help me out of this emulation-hell.

But you can also post your question on the Legacy-forum:


Please feel free to contact me with every Doom on Mac question.

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Guest calumr

Please dont give out my email address. I don't want to be plauged with emails from people wanting to be beta testers (yet).

If you really want to know, Mac DoomLegacy is coming along in occasional leaps and bounds. No betas will be given out (yet) as every compile has so far crashed at some point, and its not very doom-like. Dont ask when betas will be distributed, as I don't know.

If you really want to see, there are 2 screenshots. Go to:

Bill Heinemann is a bit elusive, and I haven't really talked to him about Mac DoomLegacy. He seems to be busy.

Please be patient, and it will come.

Calum Robinson

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