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PRBoom denouncement

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Thats pretty insulting. No PRBoom doesn't include DDF and if you denounce it to other people, fine do so- I just ignore raving lunatics myself. PRBoom has no 'borrowed' code from Dosdoom for that matter. I expect the coders on prboom would be pretty pissed off to hear you say that.

And if you wan't people to answer your question don't lock replies, thats also rather ungracious.

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Guest c-d-w

FYI, dosdoom was one of (if not THE) first doom source ports. It wasn't always DDF (that came later).
Most all the source ports nowadays owe their creation at least someway to the original dosdoom port (which, i think, had most of the code for dos, and possibly windows, that ports today use.), but then again, I could be wrong.

All i know is that in the credits list for most source ports, there is props to Chi Huang (sp?), who did dosdoom way back when.

** update: **
whoops, didn't see the original post down there.. sorry!

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