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JDOOM Allow Software - help :) -

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After downloading JDOOM and fooling with a myriad of options i am unable to run the game in OGL hardware mode.

Whenever I try to run 3dfxOGL.bat it says OPENGL Hardware accelerator not found run in -allowsoftware
(or something to that affect)

Any clue how to get it to work in hardware with the 3DFX card?

Sys Specs ==
P2 400
128 MB Ram
Primary: ATI AIW Rage Pro 8 MB Agp
Secondary: 3DFX Voodoo 2 12MB
SBLIVE, mouse, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated :)


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Being the resident 3dfx expert...::evil laughter and stuff::

I have been unable to make Doomsday run acceptably on ANY 3dfx card, in OpenGL mode. Run in direct3d. However, you must make sure that it is using your Voodoo2, and not your Rage Pro...perhaps there is a setting in the config? Dunno. Haven't tried. Don't have any computers with 2 3D cards.

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