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Portals in Doom

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Portals are becoming increasingly used in modern FPS. If you don't know what they are, they basically allow you to see one part of a level in another. For instance, imagine that there's a rectangular teleporter portal in the middle of a room, and you can see its destination from both sides.

I was thinking that portals should be reasonably simple to add to a ZDoom based port, as you could code it so that camera views are displayed on the instant teleporter sidedef. The main benefit of this would be so that you could use instant teleporters in multi-player games without players vanishing from view when they cross it (see several maps in Team TNT's Pursuit).

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Guest Phobos-Dwellr

Might not be quite as good as what your are suggesting... but...
This might still be fun, just a bit. Make a dehacked patch to change all projectiles into obstacles. Then they should go through teleporters.
I remember some duke3d maps that had teleporters just back to back to back to back... you fire a rocket into one and you just hear the teleport sound over and over and suddenly your rocket is up your own ass!
I'm going to try that in dehacked RIGHT NOW! Bye.

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