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ZDOOM problem

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I don't know what the f*ck is wrong, but each time I run ZDOOM and start a new game, the game allways crash after some seconds. Even If I don't press any key or see any monster or cross any line, I don't understand, can someone help me?

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What zdoom version are you using? The beta33 found in zdoom.notgod.com/ftp is pretty stable. There were some fmod problems in the past but the fmod with beta33 is good. If you are not using beta33, get that and unzip it over whatever copy you have now.

You also might try starting zdoom with the -nomusic argument in order to see if it's a music/sound card issue crashing the game.

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I'm using Zdoom122.

Thanks I'll try beta33 now..

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One more question, since zdoom 1.22 is pretty solid and almost no one has problems with it, what wad are you trying to play? There may be a problem with it....it does not sound like you are just playing doom2.wad since you see monsters right off, in map01 anyway. You need to have the iwad (doom.wad, doom2.wad, etc.) which corresponds with the pwad you are trying to play and may need to specify it with the -iwad argument since I don't think zdoom 1.22 gives a startup menu if you have more than one iwad in the zdoom folder.

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LordTrasher said:

When I runZdoomgl, I can't even get to the titlepic, before an illegal error comes up. Naturally, this shits me.

There is a ZDoomGL forum, you know ;)

The current ZDoomGL is quite buggy, so yeah, many people have problems with it. The new one should be alot more stable though...

Try running ZDoomGL with the -nomd2 parameter.

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