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Relapse TC team members needed

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Does anybody wish to join the Relapse TC team?
Members needed are as follows:
-a enemy gfx artist (demons and humans)
-a EDGE mapper (or 2)
-a texture artist
-a sound man
If anybody is interested in joining the Relapse TC Team, they can apply to me at diptera_necro@yahoo.com, on icq# 33008733, or AIM DipteraNecroHart.

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Guest Phobos-Dwellr

What's your theme? I've been drawing textures, but I can't find the time to get around to making maps for them, so the textures may be of more use to you than to me. If I like your theme idea or whatever, I might just let you have the textures. ...They're sorta like scifi-ish type things... I don't have a lot of them yet... maybe 20 patches or so that I have just been building to and building to. Um... I might change my mind though, I'm all messed up like that.

As far as sprite graphics go, does anybody have a free 3d modeler? It would be easier to just build the 3d model, then take screenshots of the various frames and angles, than just drawing all 64 frames or whatever... too tedious... and then once you have it all laid out and all, you realize that your palette is shit and you end up with pink and purple enemies or green shades where gray should be... but blahblahblah... I'm outta here...

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