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Guest BigMike

Problem solved with ports and user-made wads.

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Guest BigMike

Thanks for the advice people gave me with the question I asked concerning using Doom ports with user-made wad files. What I learned is that the opengl version of ZDOOM has problems with processors other than Intel. The newest beta version of ZDOOM solves the problem, but the opengl version still has the problem. As far as LEGACY goes, I can run any wad file with it in opengl mode by using the command line to run LEGACY directly, and not use the launcher that comes with. For some reason, I cannot get the launcher to run any wad file other than the original doom wads from ID. It will come up with an error message every time. If I make a shortcut for the LEGACY.EXE file, and then use the command lines: -opengl -file ***.WAD, then LEGACY runs every wad I have, including the megawads such as ICARUS and MEMENTO MORI, ect. Hope that helps anybody else having the same problem with the LEGACY launcher and user-made wads.

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