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Legacy dl prob

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I've had doom legacy 1.30 and i moved it from it's own folder to an already existing folder where csdoom and doom95 platforms
exist. This was so i wouldn't have copies of all my wads, since copies take up more space. Now when i try to use
legacy i get a message about not being able to do something with the new directory, so i figured i would delete it and
redownload it. I've used the updated legacy but didnot like it bcuz it lacked a launcher, everything had to be done while in the
game. That's all fine and dandy but not my cup of piss. I deleted all my downloads and files on dmlgcy but now i can't find a
place that will let me download it. 3ddownloads didn't let me download. NOr would doom legacy's official website, whatever it
is. It said i had no authentication. Is there anyone who can tell me where to get dmlegacy and if the newest version actually has
a launcher like 1.30 does? Thanks

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Well, the lastest legacy release didn't lack a launcher... The lastest legacy release was a beta ver. 1.31xmas, It does contain a launcher just like with 1.30. Serveral bug fixes and the start of client/server legacy Are the major improvments in 1.31xmas... The only thing left out of this version is r_glide.dll 'cause it hasn't been tested.(so use a minigl if u gottsa a 3dfx card and u want opengl support)

You can get the all the legacy files at the files section of newdoom.com, http://www.newdoom.com/files.asp?dir=/doomlegacy.

As far as dooming with legacy across the net, don't get ure hopes up too high. While it is do-able, it's not very smooth for the client. If you've ever played a quake1 direct ip connect across the net you will know the feeling...

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