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Guest donadoni

wad files with DoomGL 1.0

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Guest donadoni


I've downloaded the DoomGL 1.0. It's a phantastic program!!!

But I have two questions:

1. How can I play my wad files with DoomGL 1.0?
I put them into my Doom folder and can select them in the launcher, that's OK. But when I start the game with the launcher I can only play the original Doom 2. Where is the selected wad file?

2. What is the MD2???

Who can help me?

Greetings from Germany (excuse my bad english)


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1. You'll have to use the command line: open a DOS box (from the Start menu) and cd into the directory where you put DoomGL in. then type
doomgl -file yourwad.wad

2. MD2 are 3D models originally used by Q2 (IIRC). I think you can get them on the DoomGL page.

Oh, by the way, go get JDoom (http://www.newdoom.com/jdoom)

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