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Edge-related problem with Immoral Conduct

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Hey... I'm a Doom TC total FREAK, and just recently I got ahold of Immoral Conduct (icd-ddf.wad) and tried to run it with the latest version of EDGE possible, (1.24) but when I try, it gives me this "Z_Malloc error" Allocation of some million bytes errr somethin'... I also run it under Dos Shelled in Windows, I guess that doesn't help, but if I try to run EDGE under DOS normal, it says I need csdpmi*b.zip, can someone help?

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Guest Fanatic

If you tried EDGE32.EXE, make sure you have DirectX 7 or newer (click Start, Run...., and type 'dxdiag' to get the DX version).

For the other error, search around on the net. Those are DOS files that you are missing.

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