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Don Incognito

Zdeamon Site doesn't work... NIGHTFANG?!

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If that NightFang dude is around, read this e-mail I tryed to send.

Hello Dude, (creator of Zdeamon), what's going down?

Anyway, I noticed that the site www.truelights.com appears to be down, and
the forums as well.

Okay, after trying very hard to play a co-op game of Vilecore,
(www.newdoom.com/themegawad/), which is a 32 level wad, I have some
suggestions for your port and some comments about my playing experience.

-Respawning items would be nice, but I don't know how to get it to work.

-When a new level would start after completing a level, on my server, (which
I and 1-3 other person/people were in at the time), most of the time when
the new level would start, players would get dropped. Sometimes we'd be able
to rejoin but after a while, it would quit all the time with this error..
"SZ_Getspace: overflow 4123 - 8192", whatever that means.

-One thing I loved is the new F12 action going on, thanks dude! :)

-One thing I noticed was that when a level was completed, I would have all
of the keys in the next level, which is no fun for co-op.

Thanks for your time, and I hope I was some help, and I'd like to be able to
play this whole wad with my buddies if that ain't to much trouble, (I mean
that in a polite way, not a demanding way). :)

-Don Incognito
Member of the www.newdoom.com forums.

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