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EDGE-Bot stuff?

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Okay, right off the top of the bat. What the hell is a BOT? Is this like a more realistic representation of Comp-DM? And second, how do you ~USE~ a Bot? I was looking at the language.ldf
file and at the bottom (Where it says "idbot" cheat thing), the message is replied to by "Bot death spawn detected" or something. Is this supposed to spawn a "bot" at a player deathmatch point? (Yes, I know, I SHOULD know this stuff)

BTW = Comp DM is very VERY good Vanilla Doom2 deathmatch training program. (Allows you to "spawn" creatures that are recreated to create fake deathmatch opponents that act like normal players, with all attributes [besides falling off cliffs, I believe])

I plan to make my own Comp-DM DDF project soon as well. Be looking for it! :) (It shouldn't be too hard with DDF!)

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Guest Fanatic

A bot, short for "robot", is a computer controlled opponent.

EDGE's bots are disabled, as it's being rewritten. So the idbot cheat won't do anything other that print a message on the screen.

But when it is enabled, it should spawn a bot in a deathmatch position.

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