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By category: What do you want it to be?

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Here's what I would like to see in the new DOOM ... :

Levels: A variety of scenarios would be nice. Ranging from snazzy computer labs to dank sewer tunnels to gloomy gothic castles, to a walk through the woods after midnight! They should try to meet the standard of colorfulness set by Unreal, while keeping their levels fairly different and not all looking the same.

Monsters: What's to say? I want most of the old ones, but some new ones, too. It sounds fair enough to me.

Weapons: See Monsters.

Music: The music should definitly be fitted and sized to go with the level. This is a complicated matter, and should not be taken lightly like it so often tends to be. It should not necessarily be heavy metal, but melodic, much like the QDoom soundtrack.

Gameplay: Again, a variety. Hardcore fighting action is good, but only to a point. It get get really tedious if you're not careful. There should also be empty areas, where you approach with caution, afraid for your life. There should also be puzzles to solve and mazes to run, but not too much. Just some. There should be secret areas where if you look careful enough, you might catch a glimpse of that hole in a wall, where you can snipe at the defenseless monsters, safe and protected. The bottom line is variety. That is the key to keeping the game fun.

Other stuff:

I'd like to see support for Envorinmental Audio, some 3D cinematic scenes (not movie clips), and above all, editibility. What do you think?

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here's what I want in DooM:

I want the shit scared out of me...

I don't want to feel like I'm playing a game, but I want to feel like I'm actually IN the game, surrounded by it with incredible music, face paced, on the edge of your seat nonstop action, weapons that make me proud to handle. I want to grab that chainsaw off a buddy of mine that an imp tore to shreds, and hack everything around me to bits. I want to be able to think "What do I do next?" I want to be afraid all the time. is it safe to go that way? Whats that by the door?

I want to be able to play in big fighting fests with 10 other buddies of mine (as coop bots), and also feel alone and isolated as well. Like at first biddies help you all the time, but then as you get deeper and deeper into the base or further in hell, your buddies or more likely to be possessed, or none of them are around at all.

I want to see a demon lurk by and cower in fear because I'm low on ammo, I have 5% health, and he can easily jump on me and tear me to shreds. I want that feeling I got when I saw the first Cyberdemon in the orignal DooM. I want to be scared shitless of him. I want to finish the game breaking in sweats.

Most of all, I want to feel like I'm progressing into the game, something Quake, Quake2, and even Half-Life seriously lacked. DooM and Doom2 had a thing going were as you get further into the game, things get freakier, more hellbent, and more evil. In the beggining of the game, more aid should be available to you, such as more ammo, buddies on your side, airborne assistance, etc. But as you get further into the game, you find your buddies more often possessed or dead, and more demons running around. As you get further into the game, there is less aid, it's hard to tell wether the next marine is a badly beat up soldier begging for help, or a zombified incarnation trying to kill you. He could be someone valuable if you find him some health, or he could shoot you the second you get close to him. As you get further in the game, it should be harder to trust people, the demons become more aggresive, and the more often the next move you make is more often fatal if not done correctly

here would be a cool situation. As you walk down a dark, empty corridor, you hear footsteps and groans. As you walk further, you notice a marine walking half limped, all bloodied up. Then when you shoot him thinking he's possessed, a group of marines hear a gun fire, they see you, and their colonel or whoever yells something to his guys about you being possessed, and they come after YOU:)

I think there should be a farily big plot with the sequel. I think if done right, it can be very possible to have a big storyline with non-stop action. If iD could do something like that, it would definately be a first for first person shooters

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I agree - atmosphere is key, which is what you're talking about -I had the same experience in DOOM - by the time I was on E2M4 and E3M4 I really felt like I had progressed and everything was weirder and creepier and I was deep in the heart of hell, far, far from any other civilized life. No other game I've played has come close to providing the experience DOOM did. With the technology, id could do this again but much, much better. It sure would be nice to have an interview one of them. Get an idea of what they have in mind.

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