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Guest Quad

Cinematic in DooM 3

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Guest Quad

I hope Id will make lots of cool cinematics in DooM 3
and not just a intro and a ending.
And the cinematics should have lots of action,
and Not just a gate that opens when you enter the
next level.


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I would like cinematics as well, but I want it to be in-game, where I can move around, still make my own decisions, etc. its boring to sit there and watch someone talk as in Turok 2. But I love it how in half-life a scientist runs screaming to you to watch out for the trap before getting shot in the back of the head by those sneaky quick sniper chicks. Hey, if I wanted to I could have shot down the scientist as well!!!! Those are the cinematics I want!:)

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Guest Eugene

Yeah, I think that having cinematics in Doom 3 would be a really great idea!!! A lot of new-generation have them. Look at Star Wars: Jedi Knight, Heretic 2, and some others for inspirations and ideas.
I recommend that you get a live actor to play the role of spacemarine Flynn Taggart. That would be kinda coool.

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The same scene over and over again (be it in-game or not) ...boring (unless you're gonna play the game till you complete it and then discard it; that spells 'eyecandy' to me).

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Guest davidlay

You are right. Cinematics would rock. How about some speaking dialogue. Heres a script for a first encounter

PLAYER: What the hell is that thing?

IMP:I am an imp. Ya know, you encountered some of my friends during our invasion of your home planet

PLAYER And yer gonna kill me?

IMP: HELL no! I am the one imp who refused to go with the invasion and im gonna be put to death by the baron for my defiance. AKHH! You have no weapon.

PLAYER: YA but i punch well

IMP: You cant go like that! Here. Take this pistol. It ame from a zombie you shot while you were in the starport. Remember me now.

PLAYER: Thanx.
(hell night enters)
KNIGHT: Alright, prisoner 220! Stop talking to that human. I lost my brother to him. Besides, we are about to kill you.
(Imp is dragged into a back room)
IMP: Good luck on your quest!


begin level 1
Now that is an idea for the beginning of a new game. Player starts with the pistol, 50 bullets and a fist. Voice over can be done by Flaming Pie Productions. I know their master.

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