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Guest ShadowcasT

Relase Date? :)

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Guest ShadowcasT

Just becouse i just read this great new i want to know what do you will like to see in this game in all is aspects:

Realism.I like to blow up the leg of a dirty imp as well as make an hole in a wall with my rocket launcher.Deform metal surfase or
just melt them with a plasma gun.Volumetric Fog,3d sky,better water and fire fractals,dinamic light and shadows (with the ability to finaly see my own shadow),reflective surface and mirrors,heat distortion when passing close to lava,every think that can make a beleaveble world.So far we always had to refer on our immagination,it's time to have a revolutionary game that can
make our immagination history.

The same sounds of Doom.I can't imagine a doom game with out doom's sound effects.

I really hope that they will use the same style of doom1.But if they have to make adrenalinic music i wish that they get rid of that crapy thecno music.While heavy metal can be used in anything,thecno music give me a bad feeling kinda discos,people dancing and takin drugs,all stuff that can ruin the game expirience.I realy liked quake II muscic.Heavy metal rules.

Well i gess that will be too mucth to have a good story.If for some sort of a miracle they decide to make one,i wold like something original.I like the idea of the lone hero lost in a unknown planet.One thing that i really like in doom was that feeling of solitude.In particulary,there was a level in doom1 (i think 10 or 11)with a great music that really give a strange and
cool sensation,don't know if anybody remember it.
However,a cool way to tell a story,will be like in system shock II.I think aslo the only one possible in the doom world.

More movement options.The ability to crawl will be cool.The possibility to hide in shadows like in thief and the sound issue
used in Soldier of fortune will be nice too.
Also,i hope that the combats will be mutch more like in half-life,but where even the monster can take arbitrary decision
depending on the situation.An Imp may chose to run away,just for hide and hit you in the back later.A grunt may decide to call help.Hevery monster should also have more that one or two way to attack.A grunt may use the same weapons that we use,attack with a sniper riffle when at distance and switch in shotgun in close combat,and even use a melee weapon when needed.Will be cool if they can use our powerups and ammo,adding to the classic single player style some deathmatch elements.A monster may use a
a part of his body as a ranger weapon,but forced to use a melee attack when wounded.
Also some rpg elements will be cool.Chose between a big slow guy or a quick and weak one can be,ore a more sneaky one with a bunch of abilities and level progression could be great.

The same of doom.Somebody can say not too mutch original,but what the hell,doom lovers will like it,while who never played doom
will not even notice it.

Well,this might be a problem.While doom weapons are a must,after all this time can be a little ripetitive.If they will use classic weapons,i think that the quake II once will be the best.Perfecly balanced and fun to use.Also a energy sword as melee weapon will make us jedi knight lovers very happy.

Don't understand the point of using a third pesron view for sequel of games that were great as first person shooters (like
heretic II and obi-wan).I don't think that this will be the case but you never know.

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Guest Tw199y

Firstly its going to be made by ID software so my best guess is that the graphics will be an improvement even on Quake 3 - Arena's graphics so expect realisim...

Now about the monsters... I'm sure they will put so much time into making the AI on them perfect so that the monsters will seem to think for themselves and probably this time will be able to out flank you and stuff like that which was promised in Quake 2 but didn't really happen... Its going to take at least 2 years to make thats plenty of time for Carmack to get it right...

I think with the soundtrack that it should be have a spooky kind of environmental feel to it this will add greater character to the game...

So my thoughts are expect a brilliant game.... but it may not be what you hard core Doomers want... But it might just be too time canonly tell...

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First of all, why are you talking about map 10 or 11 in DooM when there was never one? Are you talking about Doom2? Or Doom e2m2 or what?

Second, an imp, run away? WTF dude...These are hell's minions!!! They don't run! What we need the imps to be are sneaky. They follow and creep behind you and when you turn around thinking someones behind you, they quickly hide. Then when the timing's right they jump out and scratch you down. The demons need to be more aggresive too. Instead of "walk walk chew walk chew walk chew", they need to jump out at you and eat you alive. I'd just LOVE to see scene were a group of demons feed on a dead marine, then come after you!!! Those are the experiences I want

And about the grunts. They're supposed to be half dead zombies. Sorry, but I don't think half dead zombies were meant to use SWAT tactics to take you out. They're supposed to be between living and dead, not sure what they're doing, almost a lost soul. Know what I mean?

What I'd love to see is grabbing a chainsaw and jumping ON TOP of a spider mastermind and start hacking away at his brain:) that would be great!!!

And what's all this about an energy sword? Ah man you got it all wrong when it comes to Doom. A more useful chainsaw is what they need!:)

And I swear if iD turns DooM III into 3rd person I'm gonna bust my computer monitor and never play a video game again.

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