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Guest JudgeDooM

Doom III weapons

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Guest JudgeDooM

I hope id will put some real-life weapons like the Beretta 92f in Doom and Doom II or the Desert Eagle in Doom 64. But with much improved firepower and a faster firerate

There should be a (sub)machine-gun AND a chaingun. and it would be great if the chaingun barells continue rotating after the trigger is released(like in Unreal Tournament)for a moment. And I hope they will also include ejecting brass with a satisfying "tin-tin" noise when they fall on the ground. Impressive weapon-reloading animations are also welcome (like the ones in Counter-Strike).

But I don't think starting with only a pistol is a good idea, you should be able to select your weapons at the start of each episode (like in Soldier Of Fortune), unless if the storyline is similar to the first Doom.

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Guest Eugene

I think that some of the Doom 3 weapons should be from the original 2 games.
I would strongly recommend that these weapons stay in the new game: the chainsaw, the chaingun, and the plasmarifle.
And then perhaps I would like to see some new weapons. Like 4 example, some evil enchanted weapon that you can pick up by killing some sort of really tough demon.

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I totally agree with you young sir. However, I do not like the select your own weapons thing, but I guess it all depends on the story line as well. After being through hell twice and barely using a pistol, one would think the DooM guy realizes how useless his pistol really is:)

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Guest Sethsez

Here's an idea: an Arch-Vile hand as a weapon! Toast your enimies! Also, when you kill another Arch-Vile, you lose the hand that you were losing and get the new one, but ammo can't be recharged (that wouldn't make sense, would it? Wait, this IS Doom, it's not supposed to make sense. Oh well....) What do you think?

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Guest kinkajou

I once considered getting my hands on the Doom source and changing the weapons. I started to get ideas...if the weapons were up to me, here is how I would do them:
First of all, there would be 7 selections, and each selection would have a primary (better) weapon, and a secondary weapon. It'd be like the shotgun/super shotgun in Doom 2, where you press the button once to get the primary weapons and twice to fget the secondary weapon. Yes, that's 14 weapons. Is that overdoing it? I dunno, just listen to what they are:

Primary: Fist
Secondary: Chainsaw

Primary: 6-bullet revolver that requires reloading after every 6 bullets (the weapon you'd start with)
Secondary: Standard Doom gun you start with.

Primary: Shotgun
Secondary: Super Shotgun

Primary: Machine gun (shoots slower than chaingun)
Secondary: Chaingun

Primary: Grenade launcher
Secondary: Rocket Launcher

Primary: Short range flamethrower
Secondary: The weapon that the mancubus uses. I don't know what it's called, but if it doesn't already have a name, I think "Nightmare Blaster" fits well. (Because doesn't "incubus" mean "nightmare?")

Primary: Plasma gun
Secondary: BFG-9000

I think that has pretty good balance, except for maybe the fact that the "Nightmare Blaster" (or whatever it's officially called) would behave a lot like the plasma gun. If I were making a new Doom (and I might, who knows? If I can get my hands on the source...) that is probably how I'd do it.
It would be cool if someone at Id would look at one of these message boards and take our suggestions into account while making the new Doom.

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Guest Indeterminatus

Hello everybody out there!

In every case I would let the weapons be as in the original title(s), because I'm convinced that -if ID would remake DooM- they would allow the game to implement MODs (as they did before...).
Of course it would be great to play with realistic weapons, but why -the hell- does anyone need REALISTIC weapons in a total UNREALISTIC world, with UNREALISTIC enemies and all the stuff?
I would say that's a mission for MOD programmers...
Just let the weapons in DooM be as they were before, and make a total-conversion-mod with human enemies and realistic weapons and all the stuff...
But all of your ideas were very great! I don't want to criticize any of them, I just wanted to voice my opinion ;)


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Guest ArcticFox

The reason for realistic weapons: Sure, the world is full of unrealistic demons in hell, but the PLAYER is a human marine! Futuristic weapons are fine, but demonic--why would a DEMONIC weapon hurt the BAD GUY? (Then again, how do you kill unholy demon lords with a shotgun?)

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