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This will never happen but it would be cool.

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Heh, I don't even know what I want a new Doom game to be.

When I got Final Doom, it was pretty cool but I was extremely disappointed not to find any new monsters, weapons, items, or other "things." The levels also weren't as duel purpose where you can have a blast in single player or deathmatch (or cooperative). I was hoping for Final Doom to be what Doom 2 was to Doom 1, not neccessarily better or as good but has a bunch of cool new stuff while keeping everything from the previous game.

A true 3D Doom will be cool. Sir Robin (I think it was him) once mentioned how cool it would be to jump on top of a Spider Mastermind and go to work with a chainsaw. An editorial somewhere once mentioned how it would be cool if they really made Hell look like Hell and have mythical or legendary landmarks of Hell. Most importantly while being 3D, it should be close as possible to the previous games while adding lots of cool stuff. It should be capable of the same hordes or hordes almost as large and you should move at the same speed. It should have Soul Calibur (DC version) quality 3D graphics and the great elements of the past games in the series

Either way, Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 together are perfection and it's impossible to replicate that perfection, but a new 3D Doom could still be a great game and a new 2.5D Doom could very possibly add to that perfection even if it's not such a percect game by itself (Eat this run on sentence and like it).

Now I don't know what I want a new Doom game to be but I do know what I want a couple new Doom games to be.

Here's my ultra unrealistic idea that would be freaking cool to happen. Id and Ion Storm team up to create Doom 3 and 4 together where 3 would be a new 2.5D game based on the first two and 4 would be a 3D game. Both games would be sold together for the normal price of a game and they'd be about 16 levels each. This won't happen but damn I want it.

A new 2.5D game may be a silly idea but it would still be cool. With or without a 2.5D bonus, a new 3D Doom should still kick some ass even though it can't be perfect. There's plenty of good TC's for the first two games. It's just that a little bonus 2.5D Doom stuff by the original creators of the game would be cool.

I'm just blabbling while deprived of sleep so don't take me too seriously.

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Actually I think it would be kind of neat if the Doom3 design team made some new levels for the old engine. It would be interesting to see what they could come up with. Also I hope before a character of code is written or a pixel of art is drawn, everyone at id plays a lot of Doom. Single player, deathmatch and co-op.

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