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i can't understand a lot of people here. :)

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i hear quake sucks here, doom sucks, etc.
i dont think they are 100% honest when they say that
(atleast i hope not) but i think doom and quake are great games.
they all had things to like about them. please tell me why
you think either one of these games suck, but be honest and be
realistic. dont say doom sucks because it had 8-bit color and
lacked USB mouse support. the levels of both of these games
are great, i think. they go along nicely with the kind of game
it is. your wrong if you say quake's levels are very easy to
design. idiots can not think out design like what we saw with
quake, feel free to disagree with me but i just dont think you
would be being reasonable or honest.
One of the reasons i love doom is the atmosphere. if you
had the experience of playing it on the snes, you may appreciate
it in a differenct manner. not many ppl appreciate music like i do [well that is probably me being unreasonable and dishonest
because i feel my tastes in music are the best :)], but the snes
version of doom had music better than, by far, most will hear
on their PC's unless they have a damn good sound font and
their sound card has access to lots of memory for the sound
font, and it has to be a sound font that makes it sound like
Bobby Prince really intended it to. the music was great, went
along with the game quite well, and so did the level design and
art, it just blended together and made a helluva game that i
loved. people who first played the hell out of it on the PC
will just have the combination of art, level design and not-as-
good-as-it-was-meant-to-be music. but i love music a lot, and it
had a big impact on how much i loved DooM. it made it so that
i want that experience recreated, so i need a DooM 3. if anyone
had my same type of mind, they would need DooM 3 too.
my friends and i spent long hours trying to beat the snes version together and those were the good times. if id software
makes a DooM 3, they can blend amazing graphics, great level designed (though not by the same people who designed doom), and
great cd audio music. although most people are just going to be
concerned with the level design and graphics i imagine, the music
will deffinately play an important role for me.
So please, let's make this board better by only being
honest and reasonable. like i say, if their was no doom or doom 2
before doom 3, nobody would bitch about doom 3. let's take that
into consideration and we will probably see it is not reasonable
to dislike the idea of doom 3 as much as we do. and if id software does a shitty job with doom 3, we can improve on it. they will make it so we can edit it, it is how games are done now.

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Guest mac10suxass

i completly agree with you i loved the music in the snes version although everything else was screwed and there was no cheats.i love doom for pc and if they had the snes music in it it wud be perfect.

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Guest bent

yeah! the music for PC is VERY good with a GUS-card!!
..too anyone that have experienced the doom-music without a GUS-card i have only one thing to say.. so very sad

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Guest Daggah

Why is it considered so impossible that someone might disagree with your opinion around here?

When I say that I think Quake sucks (all 3 of them), I'm saying it with all the honesty in the world. But that's just me, get over it already.

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It is not considered impossible, by any means, that anyone might
disagree with me. I expect people to disagree with me, very much
so. Ok, I believe you. You feel all Quake games suck. That is
not the way I expected anyone to feel about any game of the
Quake series, though.

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