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Doom 3? But it's not the third Doom... :)

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I come here, and listen to people call it Doom 3. But, it's not the third Doom. It's gonna be, like, the 5th or something. :) I say, we all just waste time by thinking up names for the game, and complain about how, when the new Doom game comes out, that they didn't use our name. :)

We could all take one part of our ideas, and toss em into a hat, and draw them out. Then we could paste them all together and have ourself a new Doom name! :)

"...and the new Doom will henceforth be known as, Doom: Alpha Omega, the return of hell and some other bad dudes ... we should have just stuck with Doom 3..." =)

Just a little side idea, I think it would be interesting if they did the next Doom game after the Quake 2 story, so we can have all the old weapons, and a butt load of new techie ones! ... and no Railgun! Damn thing just keeps getting me fragged. :)

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Guest EdgeJ

Yeah its not doom 3, that honor goes to quake, and doom4&5, Quake 2&3 heh, No offence there all great games. :)

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