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Guest AftrDrk

good ol' days

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Guest AftrDrk

yep, i can remember the good ol' days laike yesterday(tho i cant remember any thing from yesterday). yup, playing for the first time in my life, space hulk, on a run down pos at my dads computer lab. oooh boy i loved the sound of the fake flesh tearing and abnormal alien screams coming from the pair of powered speakers twice the size of mine today and the "flashy" Fx on the screen, just under the level for vomiting and seizers. that was my first fps game so to speak. i cant remember tho if doom came first or not.

then i played doom full retail on a freinds comp. and fell in love w/putting that rocket in the "shaven monkey's" ass hole. and the tense moments that payed off for the fact i had an auto aim bot on. sadly tho i hand not the cash or the brains to ask mom&pop for a home computer. that prolonged my obsession for 2 years.

then the glorious day came that dad brough home a computer. ahh the fun i had playing lemmings and microsoft flight sim. but that special feeling was missing, the blood, the guts, the screams an the arenaline. when dad got the internet, all hell broke loose.

...........and so it began.

first came sw doom. then a hacked copy and a blood sw cd. then a barrowed quake cd, and a bought Q2 w/mission pack, and hundreds of mods. my brain ate at itself at night when i slept, in school countless mod ideas and conversations w/ZombiZ in tech class. all i had was my warped mind and an itchy mouse finger. HL was a dream (when i got my 3d card to work) and unreal a marvel (tho empty plot, lots o pretties)and the q3 taste when i got near a fast enough computer to run it. ut was fun at school, but now i am looking tward the new dawn. Doom3. Bring back the blood lust and fits of insanity, put it in a new engine and add a better plot and ill be a mindless zombie for days. as for zombiz comment on removing Multi. are you sick, has your woman pussy wipped you 'gain. poor fool after i beat the game and play the sp mods i wanna kick some human ass. all the skills i masterd need to put to some use. why not humiliating some one else if not me. i can throw out ideas and crap and get ooo's and ahhh's but that wont help a damn thing. all we need to do is wait and listen. and pounce on the first beta we can to learn its ins and outs before it is released. then a porlifera of mods would be up in a matter of weeks. lett the gurus bicker over crowd control but the masses will break free.

James (AKA: AftrDrk, Drk-Snd, L0RD DRK) Neighbor

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