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Guest Adasciti

Doom(3), Serous Sam, elements of gameplay

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Guest Adasciti

Okay in the original doom the graphics aren't great compared to todays FPS. But the most addictive quality I've observed is that gameplay is the final thing that makes a game exciting.

First point:If you take a look at doom you have simple AI, (follow and shoot) and although simple you could have a million baddies in room and be armed to the teeth gut'in em like fish. Have there been any recent games that give you the thrill of shooting through a dozen guys with a double barrel shotgun. Hell no. You come across at the most 5 guys (if you look hard enough) attacking in a mass and butlets don't even fly through them like in doom or real life. SO final word is that: More bad ass's = more killing = more fun. Relating to serious Sam is that they do have lots of guys altough stupid as hell, in an area. You have a mixture of strong guys and weak guys, melee attacks and range attacks. There is also a variety.

second point: area in doom has never really been used until serious sam. In doom you could look as far as the eye could see with lots of action goin on too. Serious sam has epic size maps too.

Third point: baddies in doom were many in numbers and types. I don't know about you but after playing quake for a couple of hours I became less interested. Sure you got all kinds grapics and architecture but I sick of shooting the same retarded monster
for an hour. And quake2 I didn't find extremly exciting either in terms of game play. Half-life is exremely fun and has good balance of bad guys but you can't take 5 guys in bast of a shot gun.

Fourth point: The atmospher in doom I haven't found since. Sure you got nice games with graphics, AI, millions of people in death matches, and nice textures and lighting. But doom was uncertain at the begining, well even slightly frighining to my inner child. You didn't know if it was like wolf3d or what. The demo told you nothing of any story line. And once u were through u needed more.
Nothing hits you like DOOMS bloody, satanic, demonic dark mood. The good music was saved for certain levels like the boss ones. The element of being in the dark with 20 health griping your plasma rifle and hearing those things crawling around making groans and hiss's makes your heartbeat cause you don't wanna die. I never saw the sun shine once, So in DOOM3 they should use darker colors and lighting. Are you afraid of the dark? I now I was when I played DOOM. Textures were also important. And no theme can be comparible to HELL and its unknown depths. Quake2 had atmospher too, but it put me to sleep after playing it for a long time as DOOM did not.

A lot of theese qualities should also be included in DOOM3. They should put in NIN music too. NIN ROCKS MAN !!!!!! U know it too baby!!! Plus Trent can make u feel like u'r in hell with his music.

If you feel that I am inaccurate then go play Doom and then half-life and figure out the difference for yourself. If u still think I'm wrong then were entitled to our own opinion.

Serious sam is like DOOM in that they have the same sort of gameplay feel. Large open spaces and truck loads of bad guys. Plus intense gaphics.


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Guest AftrDrk

hell is my playground. and so is my own grave, but hey, we all die sometime dont we.

now as far as doom in comparison to other games. HL scared me in places, forced me in others and compeled me by curiosity most of the time. quake was just an excuse to blow stuff up. q2 an escape from real life. doom a one way ticket to horror and madness. but the best played game i feel was Blood. now i like all the others in equal regard. but blood was sadistic, imoral, and damn fun. tho outdated to the point i can play it anymore w/o complaing about the interface and lack of Open_Gl support, i love to boot up the 'ol damned game and blow off a zombie head and kick it for a goal. now i havent played the new Blood 2 b/c i havent gotten a copyof it and i dont have enough time to dl a demo, so i dont know how it plays. but if someone stuck blood into q2's engine id gizz mi drawers. i know this is a doom3 forum not a "what if" or blood forum, id just like to see some of the old features from all id's games and some of HL's & Blood's features shoved into a new engine w/new plot concerning the doom continuim.

love sucks and so did my girl

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Guest Grunt

bye the phone jack i see on your pic. it looks like you have @home cable...

@home = slooooowww......

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Guest Cthulhu Alpha
AftrDrk said:

What you said about Blood I agree on; it was one of the more atmospheric (if outdated) FPS games made. And if you liked the original for its bloodthirsty immorality, you'd loke the second. For instance, civilians will stand around until someone spooks 'em by shooting, you can talk to them (Memorable Civvy Line: "Hey Bright-Eyes! Halloween ain't till manana. Get the f*ck outta here!"), and they beg before you blast them....Then your character laughs as he dispatches them :) That IS something i want to see in DOOM 3 : Sadism. One of DOOM's most interesting features was the horror factor caused by a bloody corpse nailed to the wall, missing limbs and organs...Then, as you get closer, you see it's still alive...And trying to scream. Those were some of the moments, I think, that made DOOM so freaking scary :) Das jes da uppin-yun of sum honkey muhfuh, tho.

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