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Guest Kracov

Doom3 ideas

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Guest Kracov

This is what Doom3 should have

At one point in the whole conception of DOOM 3 is somewhat blurry for us, we need to write our ideas down and search for stuff in other games or the internet for qualities we like alot in comparision to others' likes. Im going to list the majority of what ive heard in doomworld alot. And provide some of my better and more creative ideas.

1- Atmosphere
what is it exactly? the surrounding walls? music? demons? or a combination of all? That would be... the original demons, made a little darker and a little less cartoonish. i know we can do better than doom64. shades of black would make them seem a little more mysterious and harder to spot. and the occasional blood spots on their body or mouth. But maybe most of all we need the feeling of HELL, so i would suggest putting 3d bodies mutilated, on walls and especially floors. imagine a hill of carcasses. and inside it, powerups or weapons. Or at least you go to a room full of dead bodies in every inch, and in one corner you find carcasses all the way to the ceiling. plus- rats, bats, and a few almost dead people on fire, begging you for help. For this atmosphere to match everything else and make sense, we have to have the PLOT

A invasion has occured in another space station with portals. but this time its in EARTH. and the world suddenly gets filled with demons, and maybe even demon/alien breeds. All the buildings are infested with demon slime on the walls, floors, and even the ceilings. but not all over. there are some visible parts of the original building and such. Throughout the level, you get deeper and deeper until you reach the caves. and deeper into that, is the lava caves. deeper, HELL!!!

I would suggest making at least 5 new bosses. The Devil- 2 ways to make him: like the horned prince of darkness in the movie, LEGEND; or a 40 foot tall dragonlike bastich with horns everywhere, almost like Diablo (blizzard entertainment). now, we all want the cyberdemon to be the devil's sidekick/minion. That would be cool, wouldnt it? If not, how about a dragon/demon breed, one that flies and either breathes fire or plasma. Only if i could show all of you my 100 characters ive drawn, that consists of demons, cyborgs, advanced marines, medieval warriors, and over 100 medieval and technological weapons.

4- Levels
This is simple. you wanna be scared? make cramped or narrow halls and stuff. large arenas if you want to frag 30 demons in a bloodfest. or just combine both a little.

Well, im deaf.. so thats all up to you, but we all know that its best to have scary music or sounds... moaning and groaning. growling and screaming. creaking and whooshing. i still remember the sounds of scary movies when i was 5. : (

Well thats all for now folks! If you want to chat with me, i use AIM and my SN is Kracov7. email me at ragewolf55@aol.com.

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along the lines of enemies,medieval guys like guys from heretic would be cool especially the knights and disciples,and I think things should be kinda damp and gloomy,as for weapons I think there should be a flamethrower,an assault rifle,grenades,mines,a new melee weapon (knife,sledge hammer,after killing a medieval guy you acquire a sword or something),railgun (one like the one in the movie Eraser)and a new handgun:a magnum (the original weapons would remain and these weapons would be added in of course)

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Guest AngelHawk

The topic raised by Kracov... well I'd have to agree with the whole idea.

Just an idea for the enemies...

=The Foes of Doom=
well the original demons, I'd say ditch a few and replace some with others like the Demon, well...
A naked red horned thing with a big mouth that just bites?!?!?
come on! It's kind of holding Doom back a little...
ditch him and replace him with the 'Barron of Hell / Hellknight' now that's more the demon for Doom.
other than that the idea's for the characters are execellent.

=Atmosphere / Environment=
Now hell would have to be the perfect scene for Doom, but of course that's the original setting!!
The basic surroundings, the lands...
Hell would no be burning the typical firey flames but more a darkened black flame.
Hell would most likely be best described in Doom's perpective as being filled with wastelands, deserts, forrest filled with massive thorn bushes and massive fortresses. The ground... yeah! blood, bodies, mutalated corpes, skulls, black rubble like coal or solid lava rock, black sand, ancient pathing like you see in the original Doom series.

Don't use music... have it backed by Leading Metal & Alternitive bands, like: Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, Prodigy, MegaDeath, Korn and other great bands that.

=The Bosses=
Well.... Doom's originals.... are hardly worth carrying over into the sequal or next make... I can only see the CyberDemon being the carry-over from the originals...
The Devil?!?!? more like the keeper of Hell... because if he were in hell how else would he be doing what he does best on Earth?? Besides Keeper of Hell makes a good arch boss for Doom, ties in with the plot...

=The Plot=
Now the idea of invasion and rifts happening on earth doesn't fit... It should be made according to the first two novels based on Doom 1&2 and of course following the storyline from the original games (excluding the addons!). The Novels state two people who are caught in the situation: Flynn Taggart (the original DooM guy) and Arline Sanders (the Space marine chick sidekick). Now the concluding story to the Trilogy....
DooM- Taggart and Sanders goto Phobus (Mars moon) and goto Demos, then goto Hell and get out.
DooM II: Hell on Earth - Taggart and Sanders return to Earth through rift, the forces of darkness invade Earth after the two settle back in to their normal lives. Taggart and Sanders fight the forces of evil on earth and destroy the overlord on earth and go back to their normal lives again.
DooM III: Judgement Day (I'm trying not to get too religious but this would be a good way to cap off the story.)
Taggart and Sanders get sent back to Hell, both really have to find away out and the only way is challenging the Keeper of Hell and beating him at his own game (again?!?). They get out and return to the site of Lucifer's base on earth just before he get put away for a millenium. Taggart and Sanders happily retire and live a quiet life - Not quite! you know parties nights out at the bar, the typical off-duty / retired marine's life (don't know what they do when they're retired).

=A more brief summary of the next game=

*Demons - the Barron of hell in it's place.
*Human Trators (not found in hell) - like you (damn smart with a killer instinct!).
*The Undead - The Zombies (walking human-corpes with a killer instinct).
*Spectres - Ditch the lost souls and shadowed demons for ghostly free-form figures that feed on souls.
*CyberDemons - the goliath demon with a rocket-launcher strapped to his arm.
*Overlord of Babel - That pissed of CyberDemon from Shores of Hell!
*The Keeper of Hell - Humanoid, a horney S.O.B. that stands 10 feet.
*Overlord of Earth- picture something like Godzilla crossed with those dragons from the fairytale story books standing 25 feet tall and able to create other minions (DooM II aspect).
*The Keeper of Hell - same old 10ft fart with horns, but really pissed off for getting beaten.
*Lucifer - I would describe him as angel of darkness human like but dressed in black clothing, black long twisted hair and goatie with read eyes.... But! you don't fight him....
you play his game in order to get out of Hell.
The 7 Tests (Lucifer's little game), play the game, you win, you're free... you think!....he tries to screw you...too late for him Jesus Christ has him taken away and now you're free!

1 Marine's Recon Knife
2 Magnum Semi/Auto 9mm Handgun
3 Winchester 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun
4 The 4-Bore (Super Shotty)
5 The Assualt-Rifle
6 The Minigun
7 Grenade launcher
8 Rocket Launcher (16 chambers)
9 Plasma Rifle (like flamethrower)
0 BFG 9000 (sphere-like projectile causes nuclear blast on impact)

Story Board for Doom Trilogy
DooM: Knee Deep In The Dead (DooM 1 - All episodes)
* Goto Phobus
* Go thru wormhole to demos
* Fight travel to Tower of Babel
* Destroy Overlord
* Enter rift and end up in hell
* travel thru wastelands, forests and deserts
* goto to Keeper's Fortress
* Defeat Keeper of Hell and escape thru rift
DooM II: Hell on Earth
* Goto Saltlake City
* Fight dark forces on home grounds
* Goto infestation in the Black Messa
* Fight Overlord
* Destroy Overlord
DooM III: Judgement Day
* Get pulled back into hell
* Go thru wastelands, forests, deserts and fortresses
* Return to Keeper's Fortress
* Confront Keeper again
* Face Lucifer
* Take 7 tests
* Return to Lucifer's Fortress on Earth
* Rumble with his minions
* Christ and Army of ngels enters and Lucifer is taken away
* The End - Live happy retirement

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Guest Judas

Not too smart really...

"but this time its in EARTH"

Do u ever hear of Doom2? as the title read "Doom 2: Hell on earth"

Piles of corpses is just stupid... to have a decent atmosphere piles of corpses is not the answer, in fact that would be shit.
Too baltant and it would be boring after a few rooms...

How about instead, levels based on human structures, the air thick with darkness, that classic music from Doom2, the lamb bleating in the distance over heavy tremelo strings? The occasional rooms stuffed with mangled bodies and demons yumming down on screaming half-people? You dont no shit about atmosphere really do you? "Maybe we should fill the game with big guns and maze like levels" that would be real scary... maybe we could add some 'Mcbain' style one liners and whores... it could be duke 3 instead!

I dont want to say your opinion is crap, but lets face it, we want doom3 to be good don't we.

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Guest Kracov

jeez... you sound like you just like doom and nothing more than that. as for your opinion, who cares? you didnt list any of your ideas. you just complained and whined.

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Guest Nerull

I can't see how people come in here and tell others that their opinion of what would be a good and scary atmosphere is "wrong". For instance, my brother is scared to death of snakes, but I pick them up wnd mess with them when I find them. For him, a game with snakes would be the scariest game ever, and I can't tell him that he's wrong. It wouldn't be scary to me, but he is entitled to his opinion, and this is what this forum is for, so those of you who delight in saying someone is stupid or wrong because of their opinion...get over your delusions that your opinion is more important than anyone elses.
I pity the guys who have to make Doom 3...some people in this forum won't like it unless it is EXACTLY the way they want it. Y'all know who I'm talking about. ;)
Good ideas, Kracov...keep 'em coming! And Judas...oh, nevermind, you will just say my opinion is wrong. lol

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