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Guest drazen0

What is wrong with everyone?

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Guest drazen0

I've seen messages wanting another quake clone, messages of
yet another incarnation of the failed, so-called "final doom" (which was only a TC by team TNT, so is hardly legitimate to the series) and of course a group of messages fighting over Bobby Prince and Trent Reznor... My, won't all of these people be disappointed.

For one thing, the story should be anything but "demons take over, you blow 'em up.". What about the four doom novels? A game or movie based on those, I said after reading, would be a fine sight well worth the money. Base it off of books, and you can't go wrong. (Well, they made a crummy attempt in quake 1 to link up with H.P. Lovecraft stories, but they failed miserably due to lack of references and never mentioning the author's name. Pay credit where credit is due!)

And about the music. Ah, the music. What's that you say? Like quake 2? You don't get out much into the world, do you? Quake 2's soundtrack was one of the worst game soundtracks I've heard in a long time. All the tracks had the same structure and a low quality reaking about them (make no mistake, I'm a huge fan of NIN and Stabbing Westward and have all albums by both bands). It should be like the originals, but in a much higher quality. Industrialistic Symphonic is the only way to go- once you see past all the pings and pops that's what the original was. Lay in some nice dark twisting violins to a violent grinding hydrolic piston, and there's some good dooming music. You can't base a game of fear off of a soundtrack of aggression, it just doesn't work that way. Horror movie music and the like is where doom should rest, with wailing violins and contorting pianos.

Being an avid doom player to this day, I just couldn't sit quiet and let a group of unimaginative "We want to blow stuff up! I'm not scared, I'm not afraid of anything" (Although I'm sure there would be more vulgarities and random slang if that *were* said) fools let this thread go to waste. There are a few good ideas here though, like the refreshing "coop all the way!" attitude. A nice contrast to the frustrating "Cooperative 2-4 : No, are you joking?" quote in many wad txt's.

All I have to say is don't let doom 3 go to waste by listening to what sells, or we'll end up with horrible guitars, big guns, and some cheap harlot bending over as many times as possible per level. You can't make a legacy with sleazy oversized bimbos and pointless oversized guns. You need real fear for real adreneline,
and selling games off of hormones pales to compare.

As a game programmer and dark orchestral music composer, that is my opinion. Thank you.

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Would you like to give us some of your opinions?

Youre right though, there are morons that are like "Let's have blood and guts on the walls!" I'm sure there's going to be plenty of that, but geez, is that really what made DooM great. The gore? Not really. The gore was cartoonish and not realistic, yet fun to gib people off ledges:)

Plus I have seen so many people writing plots that are EXACTLY a mix of the first two Doom's, with maybe slightly something different. Come on guys! If you want to get scared again, it's going to be more original than "Hell invades the moon and you're alone"

This guys right, its important to focus on the picture as a whole, not on stupid little details about gore, who's going to make the music, and what the plot should be. What's the gameplay supposed to be like? What can be added to the new DooM that'll make the game UNIQUE? That's what I want to see in here, and only the most creative of people can think something original.

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Guest Sethsez

I agree. I just hope that id will make a combination of new and old. If it is just the old game with new graphics, it will be dissapointing, but on the other hand, I want some of what was in the original doom. For example, look at Quake and Quake II. They have nothing in common except for their names. I don't want that to happen with the new Doom. I want it to be innovative and new, but still be a Doom game.

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Guest Judas

It is v. Important that doom3 retains some of the classic touches of DooM; and leaves some out. DooM 1 and DooM 2 had some of the best music of any game, even with my shit soundcard, Personally i think Music is one of the most important aspects of any game... a good example of this is resident evil 2 and 4, the music had you filling you pants long before anything scarry happened, and each scene had suited music, that allowed you to feel the isolation and post-destruction; or smell the rotting flesh and blood splattered walls.

another thing...
DooM: Episode1 = good
Episode2 = Shit
Episode3 = not so much so but still shit

Maybe it had somehting to do with the pink textures. The skulls and mutated flesh forms were good ideas, but poorly executed... I.e all over the place, as opposed to a few horrific places.

One more thing...
One dicusion is called "Can ID make a decent Boss". The answer is no... not since the cyberdemon has there been anything worth while, and lets face it, in the tower of babel, that fat open arena, he was piss easy. Have a look at Doom 64, secret level called Cat and Mouse... that was a great example of level and boss... Pant soiling atmosphere, difficult and a feeling of real satisfaction on victory...

More of that please ID!

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Guest Drazen0

The best example of how a finale to the saga should be done would have to be a game that didn't come from ID, and isn't even the same style.... Descent 3. It's just like this scenerio, the first two were roughly the same, and then much time later a final game is made. Descent 3 demonstrates very well how to mix new and old and still blow minds worldwide. It has nothing in common with doom, but when you play descent 3 you feel like you're back in D1 or 2, but not. That is what the 3rd doom installation should be like. Think about it, it was the same situation for parallax/outrage for their own game saga, and they finished it out with *style*.

Well, as much as it may be amateur and low quality, this is my tribute to the doom series and the sound my mind makes at the thought:
Deimos Sunset [Hardwired]


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