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Guest AngelHawk

What is the 'True Essence' of Doom?

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Guest AngelHawk

Anybody FEEL FREE to FILL me in here!!
('xcuse my way of getting things across)

Ok... I haven't quite or maybe I haven't got the BIG picture at all of the DooM 3 expectations or theories.
When I comment on Kracov's point... Ok, I sounded like some whining dork clueless to what I was saying....

When I said about Doom being ahead of it's time back in the past, why not do the samething again?
Why not create a whole new experience?
Gameplay... Enhanced Envionments... Foes - BIGGER! BETTER! BADDER! A Detailed storyline... Hey don't take this the wrong way... I'm not saying forget the classic essence of DooM all together, because then it wouldn't be DooM.

Now what kind of...
are we all looking for??

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Guest Nerull

When I look back on all the FPS I have played since Wolfenstein, the the thing that made Doom different from them all is the sheer number of enemies they threw at you at any given time. I have recently seen this in a game called "Serious Sam"...it is pretty good, so check it out when you get a chance.
It's hard to say, in retrospect, why I do not have the same fear I used to have while playing Doom when I play Q2, Q3A, Unreal, UT, etc. Perhaps I have grown numb to it? If I fire up Doom today, it's not the same as it used to be, but that is easily explained because I know where all the enemies are, and I may have gotten a bit spoiled by the graphics that the newer games have.
I think the essence of Doom was in the fear it inspired by clever placement of enemies and traps, and in the seemingly overwhelming amount of enemies you had to kill. Oh yeah, the sounds were pretty good at inspiring fear, too. In my opinion, Doom had the best use of sounds out of any FPS. It's hard to say what would be best in Doom 3, because I know that I probably don't know best. There has to be a mix between innovation and staying true to the original, but I don't know how to pull it off. I trust that they will make it great and release it "when it's finished". Please, we need no more "Diakatana's" in the world. :)

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