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Guest aftrdrk


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Guest aftrdrk

First off I feel like the majority of you ppl's posts reflect your own vision of what doom should have been or they are contradictory to what great game design requires.

Most of you want to pick and choose little tid bits from other games and slap it in the Q3 engine and say “its got demonic bad guys and has big bloody fire fights, it must be doom3” but in the respect for what doom really was, you don’t just spit n piss on it to make it * badder and better *.

Put thought into your suggestions and don’t squabble over simple things, this forum is simply a vent for creative minds (or sadistic) and is probably not browsed much by ID staff. If anything this may just become grounds for a doom3 TC if we don’t like it.

Please no flames or bashing, it won’t hurt me and will just make you look foolish


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