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Guest Aenima66

Doom 100

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Guest Aenima66

This is are some of the concepts used in Doom 100 a Half-Life TC (currently in it's first stages). Doom 100 is different in that... no... Doom 100 is "unique" from any other TC(that I know of).

It's like a "fragfest with purpose"

(see my previouse post "But why wait???")

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Guest Aenima66
Aenima66 said:

"This is are some of the concepts used in Doom 100 a Half-Life TC (currently in it's first stages). Doom 100 is different in that... no... Doom 100 is "unique" from any other TC..."

Point 1 - The Episodes/Plot
D100 ("Doom 100") currently has 5 episodes. Each Episode has it's own "atmosphere" and "perspective". For Example:
- In "Earth: Final Battle" you go around doing "Sergical Strikes" with the goal of pushing back the enemy(demons, imps, Etc) back to hell.
- In "Return to Phobos" you run around blowing EVERYBODY'S brains out while attempting to shutdown the gateway to hell, then finding a way to get to Mars.
- In "The Mars Colony" you fight to restore order by killing the bad guys and "attempting" to save as many colonists as you can. (Great plot: After about 10 min. you realize there aren't enough ships to send the everybody home. So either you die tring or leave some behind.)

As you can see, each episode all so has it's own "sub-plot". The plots (obviously) seem reminiscent of Quake2, Half-Life, etc... But beleive me, they are indeed "unique" in many ways. Well, except for certain parts wich are made to be like the original Doom games.

Each episode has a connection to Doom. For example, "Return to Phobos" is like Doom 1, Episode 1, The Mars Colony" is like a prelude to Doom2, and "Earth: Final Battle" basically IS Doom2. The whole TC in fact, follows the actions/movements of the Doom games.

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Guest Grunt

im making a doom tc for Quake 3... I like your ideas if you want you can come help us out. (Like become a team leader in the TC)
we need mappers, coders, skinners, ect


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Guest Aenima66

Point 2 - The Weapons;

Don't worry, all (well, most) the originals are here :)

"Weapons up the Wazoo" to say the least. This is the probably the biggest arsonal ever included in a TC!!!

Hands - The weakest weapon, if your lucky you'll give him a bloody nose. (may not be implemented)

Knife - Not to powerfull but, better than nothing.

Pick-Ax - By far, the most brutal weapon. Kills most in under 6 seconds. Cans either be used in pick or ar ax mode. (may not be implemented)

Crowbar - Same as in Half-Life. It may be crude but it's lots of fun.

Desert Eagle - Shoots a .50 bullet. Will kill most enemies with 1 clip (7 shots) or less.

Glock 24 - Same as Barney's gun in Half-Life but, more accurate.

.357 Magnum - Same as in Half-Life Deathematch (laser scope)

G.I. Sidearm - Basically a black Desert Eagle which shoots magnesium bullets.

Riot Shotgun - Same shotgun for Half-Life. (may not be implemented)

Plasma Rifle - Same old gun, "snazzy" new chrome look.

90mm Sniper Rifle - Has 2x, 4x, and 10x scope. VERY POWERFULL!!!

G.I. Assault Shotgun - An automatic shotgun. Will splatter a human in about 1.5 seconds.

G.I. Sniper Rifle - This is a simple sniper rifle. Has 2x, 4x, and 10x scope. It's less powerfull than 90mm, but ammo is more common. (may not be implemented)

G.I. Assault Rifle - Shoots magnesium bullets. Goes through 1 clip of (100 bullets) in per minute. Can shoot in 10-shot(1 second)burst or in automatic mode. Player can hold only 2 clips.

Rocket Launcher - Same as in Half-Life only flat black.

Egon3 Gun - 3x more powerfull than the Egon in Half-Life. Is now to be flat black. (may not be implemented)

Rail Gun - Same as the Gauss Gun is Half-Life, only remade into an assault rifle.

AK-MAG 25 - Shoots a sonic blast with more presision/power than a sniper rifle. It shoots 50 rounds per charge. It is perfect for quik fights with tough guys, but the chargers are hard to find.

Minigun - A compact version of the Gatling gun in Quake2

BFG 45K - Same thing as the ones in Doom and Quake2, only 50x more powerfull. However, BFG cells are very rare.

G.I. Thermal Cannon - Shoots a beam of thermal energy wich cooks it's victims in seconds. (may not be implemented)

G.I. Nuclear Cannon - This is only for people with SEVERE mental problems. It shoots a blue beam of nuclear energy wich is more powerfull than the BFG. Any living thing within 50 of the beam is given a lethal dose of radiation. WARE A CHARGED HAZARD SUIT!

G.I. Thermal Grenade - Releases a blast of energy wich fries most enemies in one shot. (may not be implemented)

G.I. Nuclear Grenade - Creats a small nuclear explosion which kills anything without a hazard suit.

Tripmine - Same as in Half-Life (may not be implemented)

G.I. Sonic Explosive - Releases a sonic blast (like "Hound-eye"). Capable of killing most lesser creatures such as imps, marines, etc... (may not be implemented)

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Guest Aenima66

That's all I'm gonna say for now.

I am in need of much help with this project. Opinions, programmers, mappers, modlers, webguys, etc...

I would appreciate any help you can offer.

----====E-MAIL ANY APPLICATIONS TO "aenima66@excite.com"!====----

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