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Everybody's Right! (Almost)

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A lot of people on this forum have been talking about how they want DOOM3 to be scary, oppoisng those who advocate nonstop action, excessive gore, and obnoxious adreniline music (very poor spelling)...But look at Doom I! E1M1 is the kind of music that would do very well as metal and there's lots of action...But the other levels have the "scary music" (which I think is MUCH better, by the way) and the scarier elements with their dimly lit corridors shadowing a pink demon or two :) Basically, Doom had it all. It could go back and forth between those two things between levels or many times even in the same level! But a lot of people fight in here about the true spirit of Doom. If either was actually right, Doom could never have been as good as it was: it had something for everyone. So DOOM3 shouldn't be this one or that, it should be what it was: a mixture of the two! Imagine one side getting their way:
1) Action People Get Their Way - A lot of us would hate the music, it would be *too* mindless (even for Doom!), and wouldn't feel too much like Doom without the semi-horrific atmosphere (just straight violence)
2) "Scary" People Get Their Way - You'd be walking around in the dark ALL THE TIME! Wow, it's System Shock II (not that its a bad game, but it should be DOOM)
3) I get my way - There are lots of lights on, maybe fast paced music...Enemies (cannon fodder) everywhere...The chaingun will do the trick :) But once they're dead you can reach the door! A slow, delicate musical transition...You look and nothing can be discerned well in the dimly lit hall except for an ominus "roaming sound" of a Pinky (the new and improved Doom III Pinky of course). Or maybe just his large shadow on the wall. Do you want to go in? I don't :)

Now thats the DOOM I remember! (Except for the shadows)
So really, both sides are right! Personally for music, I like the "drazen0" type stuff *much* more, but hey not for everywhere or everyone!
And if we're all wrong, then thank god for user mods!
Doom III could SUCK! Doesn't matter, we can change it :)

One last thing: Not EVERYONE is right! The sniper rifle and stuff like that have no real place in DOOM...Gotta go tradional on that stuff :)

Well, I guess thats all I've got to say

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Think about this, the sniper rifle is a long range weapon. What was really long ranged in Doom? The shotguns got weaker the further the opponent, the rocket launcher was easy to dodge, same for the plasma (At a far enough range), and the BFG didn't "Do it's thing" if the player/enemy was far enough. All the weapons were close-middle ranged weapons. When I hold a weapon, I should think "Let's splatter that demons head", not, let's go 10000 meters away and get one in the head with my snipers rifle. That's just lame, at least in Doom.

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