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i just had to say something

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i have some suggestion's but u dont have to lisyen to me

music- how abought information society(aka insoc) band leader(ownly band member)kurt harland?

weapons- the old weapons where nice but make them better! i liked half life weapons allot(i really liked that gun where that thingie would spin if you held down the gun's second option) and how a bought a one time use weapon? like something that blows a hole in a door or somthing. and some weard weapons like u go into a shed and get a weed eater or somthing like that?

enemies- the enemies are ok as they are but make them better and redesign them like in doom64.

levels-i liked the half life levels(i really liked the part where that big monster was in that hole and u had to blast it with rocket axauset? i would really like a level like that.

and i was in greece for a whil so can some one tell me what has ben going on with doom3? oah yah, i would really think that it would be cool if it was on a console like dc or ps2(i have a dc and i dont like ps2 but if doom3 cam on it, i would get it.)Also, make it fully customisable,u can do that on a dc or ps2. oah and one last questin, is it going to be made not by a company but by a whole buch of ordinary programmers that work a bk or somthing like that.

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Music; I've never heard of Insoc. That's strange... I listen to everything between Bjork and Strapping Young Lad. Apparantly everyone on this board has their heart set on NIN doing the music.

Weapons; they should have revamped versions of all the originals plus at the least ten new, original, balanced weapons. That means that they can't use the Gauss Rifle from Half-Life or the Redeemer from Unreal (one time use). As for weed eaters... you know what, if there's a six and a half foot tall demon trying to tear me limb from limb I'm going to pop his head with a shotgun, not slap him around with a plastic cord. This is Doom, not Zombies Ate My Neighbors.

Enemies; there's a 99.999% chance that the enemies are going to be polygon meshes, so they will have to be redesigned anyways. As for basing them on Doom 64 I somewhat agree. The bull demons looked much better, as did the several classes of imps. However, the humans looked like half melted GI Joe toys. I'm not worried about what we've seen, I'm hoping for a lot of originality that we HAVEN'T seen.

Everyone loves Half-Life, we get it.

As for the level design, personally I hope for levels that flow seamlessly, from beginning to end of episode. Maybe that would seem like three or four short Half-Life levels to some people. Some people just want the rehash of levels abruptly ending with your score tallying up.

I'm also certain of mission based levels. Didn't ID introduce this idea in Quake 2? I'm sure they can do it again.

As for console ports, remember, this is a ways off. Doom 3 won't be released probably for another two years, at the earliest. By that time we'll all be familiar with our PS2s and X-Boxes and Indremas and whatever else crowds the industry. It took a few good years to get respectable ports of the original Doom to consoles... but I hope they focus on a PC version first (simultaneous MAC people too like Q3 I guess).

As for who's making it, ID Software, the same people that made the original Doom. Sure, some of the long timers have left and there's some new people there that you can't remember the last names of, but they know what they're doing.

Rest assured you'll buy it even if it gets horrible reviews.

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i meant the weed eater should replace the hand or somthing like that. not a major weapon. or , how abought taking the bfg away and leaving the plasma gun in. but when you hold down the 2nd option, wham, a bfg blast.or a third option that would take away all your cells energy.How abought a net or some mace? that would be cool, stop the enemy from moving, then finish them off.

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Mace? MACE?!

Logically speaking what good is a friggin' tube of mace gonna do against a DEMON FROM HELL?! They'd probably like it; a little relief from what they're used to. :) Now there's a thought... throwing some fresh, juicy steaks at a demon to occupy it for a second while you blast away... better yet, what about napalm mace? Melt their eyes so they stumble around and attack anything around them?

A steel netting... that's not a bad idea. Of course the stronger enemies would be able to tear it to shreds. Maybe that could be a decent secondary attack for a certain weapon.

Another thought I had was a 'Liberator' shotgun. Ever heard of them? Four or six barrelled shotguns that were made by Remington for soldiers in Vietnam? Didn't do much good, unfortunately, so all that's around today are the original prototypes. That could be a fun weapon!

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how about a flash bomb to blind them for a phew seconds or for the big doods, a sticky flash bomb that you can throw in their face and permanently blind them?and watch them fall off a ledge! he he he, throw a couple of them at a cyber deamon and wham, a blind cyberdeamon "blindly" shooting every whitch way, for like 60 seconds!

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Well, I doubt those creatures see the same way we do anyways. They spend most of their time either in complete black or staring at blazing flames... they probably hunt by heat sensory more than vision anyways. I doubt Satan is as good as coming up with life as God is anyways. Even then how would you use this weapon, like an item in Hexen/Duke or a defensive spell in Heretic 2?

Of course, now, putting some buckshot into a CyberDemon's face should blind him. Remember the original Doom box art, with the one Baron of Hell holding it's face in pain?

I also remember around the Cyberdemon there were always Barons of Hell chained to the walls and half eaten... how about seeing a Cyber munch on a Baron? Or during a fight choke down a few zombies maybe, or just grab the poor bastard and wing it into you hard as hell? That'd be cool... running backwards and seeing a zombie splash against the marble pillar in a crimson eruption.

Maybe it's just me but I think a thirty foot tall CyberDemon would get used to stomping on things.

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well, when u pick a a partial invisability, the can bearly SEE you.
oah yah and how do u make monsters use different weapons like a caco(aka"Meatball") have a double chain gun? i mean in . deh file's. i have some really cool ideas.like in twilight worrior,an imp has a rocket louncher.

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My God your grammar is atrocious. It's difficult for me to understand what you're saying! :Þ

"When u pick a a partial invisability (sp), the can bearly (sp) SEE you."

Exactly what in the Hell are you trying to say here? That partial invisibility item is really only useful in deathmatches; most enemies will still find you, even imps.

"...like in twilight worrior (sp), an imp has a rocket louncher (sp)."

I'm not very familiar with exe hacking. Look in the CDRom.com Doom folder, utilities, exe edit, and pick up the program called 'DeHacked'. You absolutely must edit the .cfg file before use. This program will let you change certain things inside of the exe, as simple as changing the graphic number of an imp's fireball to that of a rocket to altering the frame delay on every weapon animation therefore making them fire at different speeds. It can be a fairly daunting program but there used to be a great page full of details on how to use it properly... I believe it's taken down now due to the author finishing college.

Try a search for DeHacked pages and see if you can find some detailed instructions online; I can't know everything, my ears would bleed.

By the way, I hope that English is either not your first language or that you're incredibly young to type the way you do. Either that or I hope you were on fire when you typed it. :)-~

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