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Captain Skippy

reloading weapons, and ammo

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All weapons that need to be loaded need to usally be reloaded, right? here is an idea: depending on how many times you used a weapon plays a factor in reaload speed (sometimes), but not to where you use it so much to where you can reload your shotgun in a nano second. if your standing, walking,or running, shouldn't it not play into reload speed. i don't know why im saying this... lets say you have ten cells where ever you store you ammo and you have 60 rounds of rifle ammo, sort of like having ammo slots, each cells takes up 2 slots, and each round of rifle ammo takes up half a slot. say, if you have a 50 ammo slots, you can have a maximum of 100 rounds of rifle ammo if thats is all that is in there. and you can have only 25 cells if that is all that is in there as well. oh yeah, monsters with projectile weapons should have a limited amount of ammo as well. hahaha

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Guest JudgeDooM

Good ideas there, unless it won't make us loose to much time just for the reload of a weapon - especially for the multiplayer !

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Maybe the bfg and plasma gun have a big cable that goes to a large battery on your back where maybe you just plug in other energy cells and cell packs to charge it up and maybe the 300/600 cell limit is just how much that big battery will hold.
You have an excellent point about the bullets though, a person should not be able to carry 50 rockets (especially since they look like 75mm or 90mm ammunition as a flying projectile).
You should have a maximum of 200 bullets and 50 shells but if you're not carrying any bullets, you should be able to carry more like 100 shells instead. And should have a maximum of 10 rockets with the above, not 50 (50 rockets in a pile is as large
as a warehouse crate).
On another note, Someone said earlier about having lots of different types of ammo like buckshot shells and deerslug shells and armor piercing bullets. I do think the maximum for ammo types should be 10 as an upper limit (it would just be too frustrating to find ammunition in multiplayer for weapons like a flechette cannon or rail gun). This is why all weapons would have to use some pretty common ammo types like shells, rockets, grenades, super cells, and cells.

Cells would'nt take up much space since they'll probably be smaller like energy clips and such in doom3 (technological advancement since conflicts in doom 1 & 2). Monsters that have limited ammo should probably reload a few times and then have to wait a minute for their ammo to come back (a gameplay issue, sorry reality can't be completely re-created here.) The Cyberdemon does'nt look like he has a clip on his prosthetic so he should reload after every barrage and when he runs out after 3 or so reloads, he should try to maul you like the minotaur (maulator?) in hexen did. After all, the Cyberdemon does sorta resemble a minotaur (a little butchered, but family resemblence is there).

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