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Who will send it to ID?

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Just curious, but ID might pissed if everyone here sends them the exact same ideas.

I've taken my three large posts, sorted the thoughts, and convereted in HTML. I also corrected my small spelling errors and removed all the profanity.

If you want to flip through it it's right here. 45k zipped up. There's a little problem with the bg and text, but I like how I modified the Doom 2 logo... heheh.

Unfortunately this damn thing won't accept a zip file to be uploaded. If anyone wants it just ask. It might be a better idea anyway to make a site that can be continuously updated and when we think it's thick enough then try to convice ID to look at it.

BTW, thanks for all the support for a semidrunk redneck and his gaming thoughts. You ARE right, though, the reloads should be more like Half-Life and not SOF.

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I would but I don't want to have all that pressure on me alone.

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Hello deadnail. I would upload it, hotmail accepts zipfiles but I don't know if an e-mail from lowly me would be accepted.

BTW: I keep replying and saying so much crap because I am very opinionated and new to forum discussions. Do you like my face? I made it myself from a modified RSKY1 pic and the pic of the doom guy off of the quake 3 html helps. I was the one who uploaded it.

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