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Doomers and Doom3

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Do you wonder how you will be treated by PlanetQuakers if you decide to play around with Doom3? Read this email I got:

From: "Shambler" <team-sh@planetquake.com> Print View
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 17:11:41 +0100
To: <rickclark@rickclark.20m.com>
Subject: Re: TSQLR


> Don't bother. Since you have already judged this map...

No. I have judged screenshots that should be representative of the map.

> ...by the first two rooms of an unfinished level that you haven't played,
> I can see what kind of review I would get.

*If* your map was good enough, you'd get a fair, accurate, and balanced review like every other review I've written.

> You would think you would be a little more supportive of us few that are
> still dabbling in Quake.

I'd say running the best ever Q1 SP site for over 1 1/2 years after all other sites abandoned Q1 SP, reviewing over 100 maps, bringing ALL the best current mappers into the forefront of the mapping scene, writing pages of design theories and help for mappers, organising Level of the Week with PlanetQuake and promoting that for nearly a year....is pretty f----
supportive. I just ask in return that mappers make high quality maps.

> Well, I don't really need your approval.

You do need to grow the f--- up though.

I criticised the way your map looked in the shots. You can take that one of two ways, EITHER:
1. Have a sulk about it, whine to me about how unfair I am, and waste the opportunity to make a good map.
2. Appreciate that your map does look pretty dull in the shots, rectify that, and ensure that the finished map is bloody excellent, showing me that it's good, and getting the acclaim, promotion, and satisfaction of releasing a great map.

Your choice.

If you *are* going to make a high quality map, feel free to email me again at some point and I'll mention your plans on the site. If you just want to bitch, then don't f--- bother.


My words are after the ">". I editied out the four lettr words. Yeah, this map is about Quake but I'll tell you right now. Its a members only club over there.

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what the hell is his problem?

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