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Tsar's version of "DOOM2k's" BFG

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Whoever saw that first post about the BFG,forget it, I mest up
my whole post and mistakenly turned off web, blowing at least an hour typing it out. So I'll try again, My idea comes from looking
over three games(1)Quake2(2)Turok the dinosuar huntern64,and number(3)Starfox64. I want you to visualise while you read ok?
First, I would like to retain the Q2 look, or a least look similar, and have a battery powerpack under the gun or maybe have
the battery fastened to your back, when fireing, the weapon should show energy particals forming around the barrel and then
you'll see the barrel start shuddering along side a high-pitched
whine of energy. Then after that, the gun kicks out the energy ball(hopefully a new color!)Same visual effect of Q2,but as the energy ball soars, the lazer beams would be changed to electric
beams that will attack players,monsters or any electronic things
laying around the area. The energy ball should move faster, at least as fast as the rocket in Q2. The Turok idea come from when the energy ball blows. If you seen the effect of nucleargun in turok, you'll have a damn good idea what I'm talking about. First
there's this ATOMIC FLASH that momentarily blinds you. The sound
should seem as though the world's coming to an end, the ground should shake violently, like an earthquake, then come some shockwaves, two or three expanding rings that will bounce everything and everybody all over the place, blowing out lights, shattering glass windows,crates,igniting toxic barrels,etc,etc.
The Starfox64 idea comes in after the shockwaves, If any of you played SF64 remember how it looked when the boss charaters perished, first there was the explosion, then came this big brilliantly colorful globe that grew larger and expanded until it engulfed the screen. That's would I want to see after the shockwave effect. Anybody or anything has the misfortune of being caught inside globe will feel the worst of it's impact,
slowly lifted in air and instintly shredded into beefstew or
shattered debris. WWHHOOOAHH!!! What a mess! Well, That my version of Doom2k's BFG. Feel free to send replys or comments,
the Tsar's wants to see your opinions.

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Guest nitro pup

hell yeah!!! and all the electronic stuff would pop!!! wooha!!

and lest we forget that purple/violet would be a good color!
Maybee if it would charge up as much as you would whant till it bursts in your hands makeing an atomic blast for a fatality if your on low life in deathmatch!

for secondary fire it could maybee fire an plasmicenergy burst that goes threw walls with a cross hair that lets you see whats on the other side of the wall with an inferred scope like on the movie ERASER or maybee atleast a red cross lights up when somthing destructable is on the other side of the wall!!!

if they dont do that, theyd BETTER PUTE IN A RAIL GUN!!! with them accesories of course!! cause the rail gun was first plaste in q2 for the gameing world, now about 10 other games have it!

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deadnail said:

...but what would the alt-fire be? :)

probably super plasma beams (lotz of dmg, no travel time, full automatic)
I really like it, but if it can do that, what's stopping it from vaporizing doors or screwing up teleporters? (teleporters are technological and doors are only made of metal).

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Yes, yes it must shoot lightning. And it must hurt things that the bfg BALL would see, not just stuff the shooter sees (hit the guy around the corner).
And it must have enormous splash damage (a release of energy that great absolutely requires splash damage).

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Guest DooMsDaY_
mac-vile-whore said:

if the bfg gonna be that powerful they shud have somthing like bfg armor or somthin

Uhmm,this is a bit irrelevant to the original topic but.
I have noticed a small problem, just logical, for certain weapons for Q2,i dont know about any other games that suffer with the same problem as well. Lets say that the player has 4 grenades left. Fires a grenade and 3 are left..another one and 2 left,but the weapon's model then insertes a grenade in the launcher and 2 are waiting on the line .. that's a problem. When all the grenades are over,it loads the weapon again,more grenades are waiting on the line and it readies another weapon because the grenades are over... funny. It happens with the rocket launcher as well.
I hope people at id will not get bored and make a couple ( or even more) weapon models frames as well.It is a little touch that adds a bit to the game,doesn't it?

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Guest Sabreclaw

I think you're talking about the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher keeps having ammo at the ready even when you have no ammo. The grenade launcher is hand-loaded grenade shells. (So why is it the same ammo as the spherical hand grenades?)

But you have a good point

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