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Damn, Richard D James could do the music for doom3 as well as Trent Reznor. Just listen the song "At the heart of it all" on Further down the spiral, and you will see that Richard could do it as well as Trent, but another idea came in my head, Trent And Richard could do it Together, it will own more :)))

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Guest Sethsez

One band that I think would be perfect for DoomIII is Dimmu Borgir. If you've heard of them you know what I mean...

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Spasmolytic said:

Just listen the song "At the heart of it all"

Hahahahaha.... LOL, hehehehe!! Wheeeee! Oh man I almost bust a gut on that one.

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Guest BerZerK
Bad Luck Ranger said:

As long as Trent Reznor does the music I'm happy.

Quake has developed to a multiplayer only game, therefore it is fine to have a "hard" soundtrack like metal or industrial - its more fun fireing on other players with it.


But i hope Doom3 is becomming a cinematic game with a very dark science fiction/horror story. The first Doom part was action only - but now Doom3 should topping that what Half-Life is. A VERY GOOD single player game with lots of features, weapons, possibilities. Maybe even characters who talk to you - or like in Opposing Force a small additional soldiers who help you but die soon coz theyre of course not as tough as the hero is.

And this means: Doom3 should have a dark classical soundtrack - maybe even bombasitc sacral choires when you enter a HUGE cathedral of hell - that gives you the goosebumbs!

I am aware that making such a symphonic soundtrack for "just" a computer game is not compareable to a few-million-dollar hollywoodmovie production but i would DEFINITELY prefer this for DOOM3 instead of modern electronic music.

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