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Guest DooMsDaY_

There should be weapon upgrades...

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Guest DooMsDaY_

Have you guys ever considered this ? :
I have noticed that the first thing on RPG's that attracts gamers is that they make progress. Like leveling up,finding new armor and learning new magic and stuff.
What I would suggest to the id's designers is that weapons should have upgrades.. It's a fine idea, and I am saying this since the REAL game at Quake2 starts when I find a railgun (for me at least). Its a cool feeling,like you have found at last a cool weapon that's going to kick butt. Small (and precious) power-ups for weapons like allowing the machinegun ( oh there's going to be one..I can feel it) to fire 5 bullets/2 seconds with the upgrade instead of 4/2 sec. There should be more upgrades for a weapon.
This could cause a myth about all the upgrades.. you know.. sites that have "valuable information" about the priceless -and well hidden - weapon upgrades. That would be swell.
Reminds me a lot of the Quake2 adrenaline boosters that would raise the player's health- even for just a bit,1% to be precise- but they were so damn precious. The armor or speed and generally everything should be upgraded .. How does that sound ?

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As far as the concept fitting into gameplay, I like it.
But unfortunatly this is not an RPG.
Upgrading a chaingun so that it fires a few more bullets every minute is simply unrealistic (and quite possibly dangerous, the thing could explode under pressure, it is a machine after all:).
Something like a high/low setting on the plasma gun to make it do more damage, but use more cells is abit more like something that could happen.
The closest thing for this scenario would be to have multiple different weapons in the same category and you drop old ones when you get a better one to conserve weight. Ok lets say that in the rifle-gun category there's : zombie rifle, automatic rifle, chaingun (minigun?).
You may find a zombie's rifle at the beginning of the game, but when you find an automatic rifle, you'd drop the zombie's rifle and use the automatic. Ditto for the chaingun. Maybe things really small like the pistol won't be dropped.

I have always wanted there to be better armor types in the game, like a fully-enclosed environment suit that was really tough (like 800% armor), and it would take the brunt of the damage when you were hit - not split 50/50, more like 10/90 in the armor's favor - like quake's red armor did.

You have a good idea about the character's getting hardened with battle - but a space marine would pretty much be at his maximum after the training he gets, and the time involved of the player through the game is not enough to fully display any enhancements of their physique (battle hardened but not during the battle, instead, after years of experience with it do they get tougher).

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Guest DooMsDaY_

Well, a weapon prosthetic is a nice idea since people will always have their eyes open to find such useful things.But I guess you are right...
It would remind of an rpg TOO much if these upgrades were to be a part of DooM 3. And you are just as right about the weapons too. To find better weapons (like Blood2 ) is a good idea ,but the weapon would never be the same.
Anyway I agree with you..

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