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Guest iosg

DooM 3

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Guest iosg

Well... I want to start with some history:

In 1995, I saw DOOM II and then I loved it, but I want to add some better stuff to it, so I start DooM 3 as a DOOM II total conversion.

When the DOOM source code was published I converted DooM 3 as a new DOOM using the DOOM Engine. I made a web page and publicity in banners and the most important searchers. More than one hundred people visited the page, but only one person (a personal friend and now an Industrias O.S.G. beta-tester) want to work on it.

Finally when the Quake source code was published I wanted that DooM 3 was a new DOOM using GlQuake engine and the newest technology (a new compressed WAD file, MP3 music and audio, 3DStudio models) but nobody want it.

Now I visited DOOMWorld and I found that people is talking about a new id Software's DOOM version, and people that want to view this new DOOM.

I think that this is as a joke...

Nobody wants to make a new DOOM, in GNU/GPL (this mean, a fully free DOOM) for every machine, but almost everybody wants that id Software make a new DOOM (paying a lot of $$$ money to id Software) only for Windows 9x, Macintosh and Linux...

What do you think people? What do you prefer?:
Make everybody a new DOOM with the ideas from a lot of people and without paying any money or buying a new DOOM of id Software with only the things that id Software think that are "commercial"...

DooM 3 is copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, Mediaware software.
MediaWare Software is a division of Industrias O.S.G.
Industrias O.S.G. is a company property of William Portillo.
All rights reserved.

William Portillo
MediaWare Software
Industrias O.S.G.
+ 34 636 97 64 63

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Love your philosophy.
I had actually suggested that people band together and make one single source port that had all the ideas of all the other ones wrapped up into it and would be debugged like all hell. But the source port thing is actually outdated though and someone should do this thing with Q3 or UT instead to get real results.

I don't know if the sourcecode for Unreal or Quake 3 is released yet or if it's even needed to produce the effect (total conversion for UT or Q3?).
My only concern is that the people who make this TC/port would just get lazy and slack off since it would be alot of work to remake all the enemies and maps, etc.

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Guest XBTC

I never knew there are people who want to do such a thing:(....
I´m coding a Q3-viewer at the time and I´m 3/4 through the graphical part of the engine and can run arround in Q3´s levels with my engine so this engine would´ve been suited to make a doom conversion but now with id working on a new doom there is no more reason for doing this....


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Guest Kaopectate

uggh...I'm gonna get flammed for this but...

You missed the point...People do exactly what you wanted to do all the time...The problem is...NOBODY IS DUMB ENOUGH TO CALL IT DOOM 3!!!....I don't think that a true Doom fan would like someone to use/abuse Id's vision of Doom and market it as a sequel, because that's what it's not..it's a conversion...
Plus, the chances are, if it's free and you really wanna CONVERT Doom instead of BUILD on it...then you probably won't work as hard on it...

A great example of hard work to BUILD on Doom would be TeamTNT...Eternal DOOM, Icarus, and Doom2000: Hub One are incredible...and they build on doom not convert it....(plus the levels are undoubtably better than Id's original levels for Doom/Doom ][)...

I personally will go buy Doom ]|[ even if it costs $100 dollars...

...But that's just my opinion...

PS...How can you Copyright DooM 3 when ID owns the rights to DooM...you're using their name and you don't even give them credit in there...Maybe Id should look into that :)...

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100+ hits is NOTHING my friend, nothing at all. Even 5000 is very little. Adding your page to search engines and having banners isn't enough. You need to get to the community that is intrested, if you got the news on all the Doom sites and even Quake and Wolf sites, you would get tons of hits (trust me, i know), and people would know about it.
Most of your hits were prolly just bullshit, sorry to say this. People who were searching for something else or just didn't understand the banner you had.

Uhm, hope i didn't sound angry or anything. I want to see this go through!

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