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Guest destROYer


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Guest destROYer

At the end it would be cool if say you kill the big boss or what ever the demons go calm and like animals and stuff

also there NEEDS to be spawning vats like demon factories cyber demons in testubes and stuff EG. in Q2 there is a strogg nursery .like mabey a shut down mission

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Guest Street

I disagree.
Making them calm even though they were mainly first known as Aliens.
I feel that they are from hell, making them calm and animal like would destory that feeling.. hell they are supossed to be ruthless killing machinese with No Mercy.
That is How I want it.

the all the level settings nightmare etc has to be there too.
the one liners when you exit have to be there.

Alright next you talk about a research lab? or soemthing like that where you see Cyber Demons hung up.
Na I hate the idea, because these Guys are Killers! And your the best in your force of Space Marines.
But your alone against these Aliens and your the only one that can deal with them. No one else can EVEN get Close to capture them.
It'd be nice haven Scientist study and tell you differn't things on the way... but na.. lets not make it like that way of Half Life.

and thinking about it. how does the cyber demons get there rocket arm? well since it's hell and all and you can think of Hellraiser too.
the demons where given special powers and weapons when they entered hell.
I think that might be one of his... you know gifts from hell.

Hell has just as much tech as we do. Just some of the Demons are just too dumb to use them. But still obay the Master.

alright another idea I had though was given you some parteners.. but lets make them as useless as the regular space Zombiees. makes you once again alone but gives you some cool cinema to watch.

I also had the idea we would have people trying to protect these creatures (Devil Worshipers) ahhhh... but when met up with these demons.. The Demon's have no sympathy for them.
kill them and off they go for you.
or who ever's closer.

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No, the CyberDeamons in test tubes would be awsome. The game wouldnt be boring like H-L tho, the deamons could bust out of the tubes. In the DooM books, the scientists did capture a few deamons, and the CyberDeamon gets its rockets because its cell were biologically made buy the most ntellegent race! The arm was built on to the deamon {back in 92' I seen some monster sketches, one was a cyber demon, but it did not have a rocket arm, id appaerntly fixed that!} by the race. That would also be cool if they made the CyberDemon 10x bigger! I made my own md2 Cyber, and I made it huge. Your only as big as its hoof!!! {heheh}

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Guest destROYer

where are theese pics?

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