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Doom 3 Minor Features

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We're all talking soundtracks, level flow, weapons, enemies, and storylines here. What about the minor details to Doom 3?

Will it have a better MOD browser or just the shitty one in Quake 3 that was seemingly thrown in over a weekend? The MOD browser should also check (if you're currently connected to the net) automatically to see if there's a MOD update available.

What form of user files will it support? What I mean is, for levels, will you be able to use .wav, .mp3, .mod, .xm, .it, .s3m, or even the old standby .mid? Or will we all be limited to one format?

Will making a TC require simply creativity like Doom or creativity and a college degree? Will all the utilities used to make the game be included on the disc?

Will it have irritating 'put the cd in every time' verification or a new, unique copyright protection that's easier on the player?

Will it have Force Feedback and better joystick support? I can't configure my Hammerhead FX the way I want to in Soldier of Fortune, not even Quake 3 works right in this aspect.

Will it be able to read CD Text so when you put in your own CD the band and name of song gets flashed in a corner as the song starts?

What about titties? The Doom bible clearly states that the original Doom was supposed to have a command line parameter that turns all the baddies in the game to nekkid chicks. Stupid question I know, but someone had to ask.

How about the particle effects? Will they still be stupid little fading blocks and smoke trails or will they really look good?

How about shell casings being ejected from the correct port of the weapon? I get so disgusted and disappointed every time I play a game that has the shotgun shells flying right out of the damn barrel!

Gunsmoke. The gun has to smoke. No question or argument. It just has to be there.

What if you fire a bullet right into a steel wall at a ninety degree angle? Wouldn't the crushed bullet fall to the ground?

Will it allow multiple animations at once? Shoot a guy out of the air in Quake 3; they have to interrupt their jumping and shooting animation with the pain animation.

Will temperature play a factor? It's hotter close to fires and the ambient temperature of hell would be much higher than that of a destroyed city. Would this affect weapons overheating, or your character's stamina?

Also, why is it your character can run just as fast at full health as he can with 1%? He should be limping at least, if not crawling.

How about a stamina bar? Every now and then you need to let your character rest or he gets too tired, runs much slower, loses health easier, and his aim suffers? Jumping in a pool of water would ease this, as would finding an MRE.

What about the HUD? Will the numbers and symbols all be set heights or will they be adjustable percentages of the screen height? I think it sucks that they don't stay the same when you change resolutions, and how 640 is so crammed while in 1600 they're small as hell.

Will it have auto-taunting ala Unreal Tournament for Bot / Online games? Will it be an option to allow monsters in online games?

When you look down will you see your feet, and when you strafe will you look over your shoulder or will it be the same, old, dead tired trick of the floating gun model?

Will it have focus effects? When autoaiming at a close imp will the creatures in the background become blurry, like your character's eyes really would pay attention to what he's currently shooting?

How accurate will the physics be? When you take out your agression on an innocent table, will shooting one leg blow the whole damn thing up or just the leg off? Even then, after blowing off three legs, will the table just float in the air or topple over?

For scene area music/ambient noise, will you be able to split the left and right channels to different sources? Picture a level with a stereo in it with a .wav file looping. Will the left speaker in the game play only the left sound or will the stereo itself be the source of both channels?

Regardless of all the arguments in here, it won't be the soundtrack that makes the game. It's never been the storyline, either. It won't be all the special effects the new engine is capable of, or how great the online deathmatch is.

It's all the little details and the refinements that make the game fun to play, and I think we should spend a thread or two discussing what little things annoy us about the games of today that we don't want to see in the games of tomorrow.

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Very true, stuff like that would be sweet, but dont forget other realisms: Other DooM marines fighting in the backgroung, ambient sounds in the back ground {eg: Hell= Screams, crying babies, City="fire crackles, gun fire, Military Bases="DooM guy screams, demon roars, and gun fire!} And also, cinimatics, there has to be a sweet video of the demons, and Flynn Taggart{formerly known as "DooM Guy"}! Or every, besides deadly liquids, but deadly mist, green fog where you hear buddies screaming for help! Or ever human ghost would be cool. Or how about a "real" city, and not a half-assed buch of block with elevaters, and no cars, streets, windows, lamps, stop signs, etc that id calls a city!? But then again, we dont want to overdo thae game, we want the same great basis, and feeling DooM gave us! We want the monsters to stay the same, just more color, and nice polygon count! Plus a whole new bunch of baddies!! It has to have the military bases, Hell, space, and earth! It also has to have e1m1 as at least a secret level! DooM3 or DooMIII: Infernal Sky, or whatever its gonna be called, is gonna be great!

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DAMN IT,Deadnails, I was About to do a subject very similar to
yours, but my topic would've been called "The little things that
count" But you beat me to it. So anyway, I'll just respond. I feel ya on your suggestions like lingeing smoke,ejecting brass
caseings,various bullet and rocket impact crators on walls and stuff. But I also would like to add other little things, like animated model stances for the main charater when holding/fireing
a weapon. For instance, when the model is just standing there with his weapon, his stance/animation should be just like those in the "Rainbow SIX" series. Also I would like to see animations like model/monster tracking you with their head,than shoulders,than waist,and last the legs, I think this animation is called Panning. When you run in a dark area, and they have monters in it, you should only see their eyes flickering in the
blackness, tracking you down and hearing the scary growling noises. I have a lot of other little things to mention, but I got
places to go,people to see,and things to do. So,I'll stop right
here for now. Later.

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Guest xlem

The small features do count.
Tomb Raider is a big hit becouse they made details.
I would love a new Doom that flows like Tomb Raider.
I would even like a choice to be the player , (view fist person)
or follow the player like in TR.

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tsareppsun said:

DAMN IT,Deadnails?

There's only one of me, and he prefers his nick uncapitalized. Shit I gotta repeat that in every thread!

I like the idea of monsters panning their heads to keep their view on you. That would completely change the feel of the game! Well, that's something that we can ALL agree must be there.

"The Little Things That Count" would've been a better title, I'll give you that. When you get back drop some more of your ideas on us.

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My bad on your user name (deadnail) It was just a little slip-up
on the key-pad. I didn't know you were so sensitive on username
bid. Tsareppsun is really "Tsar Eppsun"(Zar Eppsun) my Doom charater name for the space marine. Just imagine the Q3 doom marine with urban/city-camo textures,with chocolate brown skin textures. I'll get back to ya with more on "the little things that count" issue, when I'm finish making out ideas on paper,so
I can type it all out. Later.

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Jeremy said:

Deadnail, what you're insinuating is that Doom should be totally realistic would that mean that if you were shot by a transformed human would you shake and drop to the floor dead? (Depending on where you were hit that is.) Because if so that would be like bloody Rainbow Six!
I'm not at all de-bunking your ideas, they're great and would make the game in a single word; AMAZING. But for every action there has to be an equal re-action in other words.

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Guest Int86x

Ok, your list started getting so stupid, I had to stop reading and say a few things.

First of all, the reason you can't configure your joystick in SOF and Quake3, is not because of the games. They both use DirectInput. If you've ever programmed DirectInput, its pretty simple. YOu configure your stinken stick in the joystick setup in control panel, not in the games.

AND THE DUMBEST ONE I HEARD OF ALL. Flash the band name when you put an audio cd in your drive? I'm sorry, but an audio cd has audio on it, not some string which contains the band name. Thats impossible, because theres no such data on the cd.

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Guest Int86x

Ok, your blame id software for their past short comings post is really stupid now.

"What about the HUD? Will the numbers and symbols all be set heights or will they be adjustable percentages of the screen height? I think it sucks that they don't stay the same when you change resolutions, and how 640 is so crammed while in 1600 they're small as hell."

thats what you said.
you sound angry at id software for something that they didn't do.
Don't be mad at them.


if I'm mistaken, I don't care. I just felt like yelling. ITs fun once and a while. :P

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