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Doom64 Screenshots.

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I know I know, this is probably way too damn many Doom64 threads in a Doom 3 forum. Oh well, this is just so everyone can see that Doom -HAS- evolved beyond the graphics first proposed on us back in '93. Hell, MY screenshots make the game look almost as impressive as Q3A!

Here it is again, a seemingly meaningless page that has some poorly detailed screenshots:

Knowing that those shots would just give several people a poor opinion of the game, I set out with UltraHLE to get some decent screenshots, Voodoo 3 clipping/garbage bug or not.

They're right here, extremely high quality screenshots if I do say so myself:
http://www.deadnail.f2s.com/doom64 /

If you've been there once, go again. I added six new pictures including a good one of the Demon Laser Rifle and someone requested the weapons on the floor... well, the chaingun is there.

I figured out how to use the passwords. The first site up there has a screenshot of the password screen taken from an actual N64, so I just jotted this down:

I tried my old favorite password:
But it didn't work. I tried a few more until I found one that DID work:

Note that my page of them is nowhere near as complete as it could be. The Voodoo 3 bug seems to become more extreme the longer you play. Also, save states freeze the emulator (forcing you to turn off your computer, eesh) and I'm getting really sick of entering that damn password over and over, only to be unable to read the level names on the cheat screen!

If this was the only thing holding someone else back, then by all means, pick up where I left off! I still didn't make it to the final boss level before everything turned to a psychadelic nightmare and I had to quit.

This is a time-consuming pain in the ass for me. Anyone else out there with a PIII and around 64 megs of ram and a 3DFX video card can get this far. Hell, the Doom64 game rom is only around six megs zipped up. Just search for 'Doom64 rom n64' or something like that on Yahoo! and you'll find a page or two that has it.

As for UltraHLE Doom64 controls, use the arrow keys like you would in the default settings of PC Doom. Z fires. A and X cycle through your weapons. S is start for pausing and exiting menus. L counts as 'use', for menu options and switches. You also need to use it with the level cheat, start just exits. First thing you need to do is crank up the brightness as high as it will go. I took all of my screenshots at 800x600, added a 1.5 gamma correction (I'm not shitting you; IT'S DARK), and resampled them down a bit to smooth things out.

Dammit Nintendo, why couldn't you go CD?!

What I would really love is if someone could disassemble the N64 rom and steal out all of the textures, sprite animations, and the new sound effects (I tried but couldn't get it to work). With them I'd gladly try to make a TC utilizing Doom Legacy. I suck at maps, though. I'd need a mapper or two who's competent with making interactive and true 3d levels on source ports. It's useless to talk about it if we still can't get ahold of the original (not ripped) game graphics, and even then, we'd need the ability to jam them in WITHOUT being forced to use the original PC Doom pallette. :/

If you've never seen Doom 64, check it out right now:
http://www.deadnail.f2s.com/doom64 /

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Guest Justininsecure

I always thought Doom 64 rocked ass. So fuck anyone else. The graphics ruled, the sound and music ruled, the controls ruled, and the ending sucked ass, just like DOOM when it first came out.
Trouble was, without the level making and multiplayer capabilities, it had very small replay value. Ah well.

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They should have ported DooM64 over to the pc, and just slapped on a new title. That way people could mess with it, it would probably be multiplayer, and it would be better to use the pc for higher quality, and better resolution! And people could add in the "missing" DooM monster! That would be kick ass!!!

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