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Guest mac-vile-whore

monsters and shit

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i think for the monsters for the next doom they should do them in the style as they did them for doom64 cause they were a lot more scarier in that game,they should do all monsters like that (i.e. spider mastermind have him look kinda like doom64 arachnotron but make him alot bigger and put a big evil grin on his face)if they decide to do a wolfenstein level(they probably wont but anyway) they shud use some of the character models from the return to castle wolfenstien game.As for weapons:
1.double chainsaw like in n64-be able to hack n slash with it

2.dd4 dostovie or however you spell it that gun was cool in 00764

3.normal shotgun-MUST KEEP ANIMATION FOR IT!!

4.double-barrel shotgun-MUST KEEP ANIMATION FOR THIS ONE TOO!

5.machinegun-it shud fire 3/4 or 1/2 as fast as chaingun and have some kickback or something

6.chaingun or minigun-needs to have spin up and spin down delay

7.grenade launcher or hand grenades(both on same key

8. rocket launcher-needs bigger explosions and smoke needs to linger around like in real life

9.plasma gun-NEEDS to be like the one in doom64 with all the sounds and the cool electricity and the plasma balls too

10.railgun-something like the q3:arena one or like the quake2 one

11.demon laser-that one rocked,it needs to light up when it fires
and they should have you get those cool pentagram keys so you can power up the gun(and possibly for other things too)

12.???-new one

13.???-new one

14.bfg11k-it shud be as slow as the quake2 bfg and have major charge time,like when you fire it frst all these cool little green particles start getting sucked into the gun and than a loud whine and than the big green bastard fires,it slowly moves until it hits something,as it is moving around those lasers should come outta the ball and slowly take off health(like 5hp per sec)and when it hits something that demon or whatever is done for,than the normal thing it does like it explodes enimies close to you or whatever,than it shud make the ground earthquake a bit for a couple secs when it does a shockwave that wil take off about 50 health if you are in its path.

Oh and i forgot one small thing for the fists they should keep them but they should add hand-to-hand combat and they should have some lethal stuff to pick up and either swip,throw,or to stab you with.

whew that was a lot.Anyway please post your replies if you have any.

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Well we all know where I stand.

I still think that an autoloading shotgun should at least be included, if not totally replace the original.

Normal, 8 shell pump action shotgun (Probably Mausberg or Fox)
DB Shotgun, single double load action (Reload from bandolier)
Autoloading 7 shell shotgun (Benelli, hell yeah)
Autoloading DB Shotgun, 14 shell = 7 shots

That would be a good path to follow. In any case, I don't want to see nothing but the same shit AGAIN. I would really like to see all of it and just as much new stuff, that would be as much as we could ask for. But if they sacrifice some of the old shit for new shit that makes it obsolete that's understandable.

But as an absolute, positively MUST be in there thing:
1. Gunsmoke, and it should also smoke from the ejection port.
2. Spent ammo casings should eject from the ejection port (duh), not fly right out of the damn barrel (Q3A)!
3. All animations, including hands.
4. Multiple skins for weapons. One level might have a really shiny shotgun on the wall, but a seargent's shotgun would be dirty, scratched, and bloodstained. Makes no difference of the weapon it just adds another depth of realism. Naturally if you pop an imp's head from a point blank upward shot with your clean shotgun it should get rather dirty. :) Would be really cool if they got clean when you swim.
5. Proper hand signals when gesturing to other players in deathmatch! If I flip some guy off I want to see it from my end too! Just as well you can't shoot while you lower your weapon anyways.

Oh well, that's enough. I'm sure you're all sick of my inane ranting. Fuck it, it's time for sleep.

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Are you sure that in Q3A the ammo casings fly out of the barrel? I think they fly out from somewhere behind, maybe the ejection port throws them forward.
Good Idea with the multiple weapon skins!

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I dont want to see any laser weapons, Doom isnĀ“t Star Trek. Maybe a Demon Blaster instead of it :)
I posted my weapon ideas already. The grenade launcher and the submachinegun should be combined to a new weapon, that would be very usefull (I called it "stormbolter"). Also I want a flame thrower.

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Tetzlaff said:

Are you sure that in Q3A the ammo casings fly out of the barrel? I think they fly out from somewhere behind, maybe the ejection port throws them forward.
Good Idea with the multiple weapon skins!

You gotta think how badly the benneli auto would hurt the balance of deathmatch

"ha! i got the double barrel and ill OWN"

"oh...well i have this bennelli...BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!"

then watch as the marine looks at his opponent painting the walls very nicely:)

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It's funny, 'cuz a soldier that knows what he's doing can fire off, reload, and fire off another eight shells in less than a minute.

You can fire off the seven shells in a Benelli in just slightly over two seconds, though. It takes a while longer to reload. The problem that exists, I now know, is that autoloaders are not as reliable in field conditions. They get mud in them and it's a helluva lot harder to clean out. :/

Anyways, the Benelli uses standard ammo.

Military shotguns use 3 inch shells, TRIPLE buck. 000. Basically, magnum shotguns. :)

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