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3d textures will own so much in DooM 3

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it seems like it will take helluva lot more RAM and
calculations, but 3d textures will rock my world in DooM 3.
also for DooM 3, i hope to have some split screen action like
the kick ass DooM Legacy DooM port. i mean, when i finally
get enough $$$ for a PC better than 75mhz non-pentium CPU,
and more than 16 megs of RAM so i can play DooM 3, i just aint
gonna have enough money for network cards. and the split screen
action is less of a hassle than bringing your PC over to a friend's house or using the network at school or the job, then
you dont have to worry about anything. it is best for co-op

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Hey man, it's not like a kickass gaming PC costs a fortune...

$120 AMD-K6II 500 Mhz
$150 Motherboard for it (with onboard sound)
$150 GeForce 2 MX AGP
$275 256 Megs of SDRAM on one chip
$150 30 Gig 7200 RPM Maxtor Harddrive

That's only $845, and it will probably fit into your current case. If nothing else, buy one thing every other paycheck (except the ram, wait two I guess).

A good 17 inch monitor would only cost between $100 and $200 depending on where you shop, if you're using a really sucky one now.

Either that, or just call 1-800-Gateway and have them put you together a whole damn system of similar power for $1500, but you only have to pay $80 a month for four years.

If you call 1-800-Gateway, make GODDAMN sure you specifically tell them EXACTLY what you want. Make DAMN sure you tell them that you don't want **ANY** software included other than Windoze and Norton Anti-Virus! No printer, no monitor (unless you need one), no software bundles, no scanner, no vibrator. Mouse and keyboard are usually free.

Hey, man, you can afford $80 a month working at Burger King. :)

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Guest DoomManiac

Your absolutely right. A person can do better now a days building their own system. Deadnail is right. Build it yourself so that you get what you want.

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i dotn know how much this will help, but go to softseek.com under tune up adn benchmarking adn download hztool, its a great little freeware program that lets you set any refresh rate for any resolution on your svga video card and moniter. i tried it on my old pentium 133 adn now quake runs as fast as on my celeron

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Guest Epiphany
deadnail said:

I realise that you were suggesting it because it would fit in the guys current case but really how could you recommend a K6? My K6II is a real piece of shit compared to other processors of today. My suggestion is to pay the extra money for a good intel processor (PII or III - not Celron.) Stay clear or any AMD crap and don't under any circumstances get a Celron - they are all cheap imitations.

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