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Guest mac-vile-whore

requirments(i probably spelled it wrong)

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I just hope that the game wont require a mandatory opengl video card(though if the game wont be coming out for a year or 2 years i will probably have time to get one)and i better not run shitty on a 500mhz comp or whatever i dont wanna have to but a 2ghz comp just too play it.the requirements are going way above what
i usually get at the end of the month so t hey suhd make it so it runs fine on pcs like min(500mhz p3,256mbram)though by than i prob will have upgraded i am just saying dont leave out all the low-end users because there seems to be a lot more of them than the higher end users and they are a big part of the market.Quake3 did not sell as much as the last 2 because it required that you hav e a 3d card.and alot of people either dont have the money or they just cant get there hands on one.so if id does leave low-enders out they will lose alot of sales.

thats just my opinion blah blah blah.

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Guest T-N-T

Requirements, but anyway.

What card do you have? Because there are a lot of drivers out there for even the crappiest cards to support openGL.

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