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Here's a idea.

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Ya'll remember all the items the doom game came with, like the
S.Armor,C.Armor,Radsuit,backpac etc,etc, Well, the Tsar want to add a new item, and this item is called the(E.V.A Pressure Suit)This idea came from spending some time with the game "HeavyGear2"
In the game, it allows you to go out to outer space(ZERO Gravity)and go to war. And I think this would be a beautiful addition to the
Doom universe. The suit would have 3 abilities.
1.Magnetized Boots-To ground your charater to surfaces.
2.Grappling Hooks-To rapple quickly across the faces of structers
3.E.V.A belt tanks-2 small thick plastic tanks with compressed gas in it for breif bursts of momentum changes in Zero-G/Space
All these abilities were hard to play in HG2,but I'll trust in ID
to simplify the controls, to make it more easier to manage. You don't want players hanging around in their new envirnment to sight see, so the suit should have a set time limit. You know, to keep the story moving. Without anything to relate to,up and down,sideways have no meaning in outerspace. Just image,You get to a section to a level that happens to be blocked off by some conflict, there's no way over,around or through it. But you see
two sets E.V.A. pressure doors(*Remember "Event Horizon")on one side of the hall and a small room on the other side that happen to supply E.V.A suits, you go in,put it on, approch the doors,
press the open button,a security warning alarm tells you,your about to go to a vucuum of space. Do you wish to proceed? You say
ya. The first doors slide open, you go in,you wait a few sec for
the second doors, they open, you float out and make your way to
the next sets of pressure doors further up the level, well past the obstacle in the hall.Think about that ya, wouldn't that be mad PHAT!!! Weapons physics changes in Zero-G/Space. Example:I pointed my TAR at the imp,the imp cocked back it's arm while it's
hand burst in flame,grinning at me like a hob-goblin on crack! I
shot a long burst,three rounds hits it's rib cage and it roars in pain and rage,but the recoil spun me through Zero-G,like a wobbly planet on it's axis!!" The new physics would do better to
reflect the new challenges of fighting the enemy(monters/human players/bots)without the benifit of an atmosphere.
That's all for know everyone, I'll be back with some more. Tell
me what you think,all replies are welcome. The Tsar's gone!!

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What the hell language is that? Sorry buddy, I only speak two languages, English and poor English. Ebonics isn't in my vocabulary. BTW, HTF do you pronounce your nickname? Tsar Eppsun?

I like your idea. I do. It's cool. Nothing I could add to it.

Didn't expect me to say that, did you?

Well, I'd also like to add that in said level there's a scene in which you have to kill the power for whatever reason. Pouf, the gravity simulators die. Now you have to drag yourself across a lifeline on the wall or a pipe on the ceiling, using your only free hand to fire with the pistol. Zero - G scenes would be kickass. Then, of course, there's low - G scenes with blood straining through the air like it's in slow motion and bodies / limbs flying through the air with the greatest of ease... heheh.

When on a ladder you should see your hands grabbing the rungs, and be limited to one handed weapons as well. When you strafe on a ladder, you should lean almost totally off of it but still hang on. Double tapping strafe should have you jump to the other side of the ladder (assuming there IS another side and not just wall). That double-tap stuff for dodging in Unreal really is a good idea and it should be there, but when you do it you should dive and roll on the ground.

Glad I don't get seasick! =)

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Guest bubba smith

what about a level when u walk outside the ship and if u jump or get hit with enemy fire u fly off into oblivion.

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There's one thing about this zero-G thingy I don't quite understand. How do we expect the monsters to fight back if they can't control their own movement (with the exception of cacos and PE's).
I hate to make this reference, but do you remember "Star Trek 6: Undiscovered Country", The Kilingon's ship was gravity disabled and those guys didn't stand a chance.
Poor imps and even the barons would be thrashing around to no avail, helpless against your blaring chaingun. Of course they can shoot fireballs at you but they would be inaccurate and it would push them backwards.

Gameplay with the suit could be similar to the Descent Series except whenever you bump into a wall (while looking down it, the wall on the bottom of the screen) you grapple to it and walk like normal down it.

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deadnail said:

I thought I cleared that up back at your"Doom3 minor features" section. Look for my reply. And mad phat? That's just my "urban street slang" slipping out. I'm just saying something's cool with intensity,that's all.

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